China has made a major breakthrough in finding lithium, and nearly one million tons of lithium resources have been discovered!


The reporter learned from the Ministry of Natural Resources on January 17 that China discovered nearly one million tons of lithium resources in Yajiang, Sichuan Province, which is the largest pegmatite-type monomeric lithium ore in Asia so far.


"This has played an exemplary role in achieving a major breakthrough in finding lithium in China!" Wang Guanghua, minister of Natural resources, said excitedly.


Lithium is the third element on the periodic table and the lightest metal element in nature. As a "green energy metal in the 21st century", it is of great significance to achieve "carbon neutrality".



Electric manned vehicles, lithium-ion batteries, solar batteries, China's manufacturing of "new three", all can not be separated from lithium.


Lithium battery needless to say. Electric manned vehicles, whether ternary lithium batteries or lithium iron phosphate batteries, are "lithium" masters. Wind power, photovoltaic large-scale energy storage, the most cost-effective solution is lithium iron phosphate battery.


The latest statistics show that in 2023, the total export of "new three" products exceeded the trillion yuan mark for the first time.


There is "lithium" to go around the world, without "lithium" can not move. For the "new three" such as new energy vehicles, metal energy lithium is a "ration".


Global lithium resources are unevenly distributed, mainly in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Australia, China and the United States and other countries.


Spodumene ore and lepidolite ore are widely distributed in China, and there are more than 1500 salt lakes in the country. The prospecting potential of lithium ore can be further tapped by increasing the transfer of lithium mining blocks. The exploration degree of some lithium ore exploration rights in China is low, and the storage space of lithium ore is large by further strengthening geological exploration.


In order to fully promote a new round of prospecting breakthrough strategic action, promote the exploration and development of lithium resources and increase storage and production, and promote the high-quality development of the lithium new energy industry, the Ministry of Natural Resources actively promotes the transfer of lithium mining blocks, increases the supply of lithium ore sources, boosts investor confidence, and promotes the prosperity of the mining market.


You have a mine in your hand, you don't panic. The National Natural Resources Work Conference 2024 just concluded here made it clear that while optimizing cooperation in overseas mineral resources exploration and development and strengthening regional cooperation with Latin America such as the "Lithium Triangle", China, based on its national conditions and characteristics such as symbiotic associated ore, will continue to achieve breakthroughs in prospecting theory, exploration technology and refining process, and promote the comprehensive utilization of associated ore. Ensure that the end of the new energy industry "China's rice bowl", "new three" do not worry about "food".


China Automotive News, January 19, 2024