"Understand the essential problems behind the car emperor winter storm"


Hao Wenli

Recently, the release of the results of the winter test of Understand car has caused an uproar in the automotive industry. Yu Chengdong, executive chairman of Huawei, CEO of End BG, and chairman of intelligent car solution BU, led the anger against "unscientific", and car companies such as the Great Wall, Geely, and Kia have followed up to question the "lack of rigor", which is a rare scene for car companies to "siege" vertical media.



01 Ask the boundary, the Great Wall, Geely "hand tear" understand car emperor


The cause of the matter is that understand car Emperor held a huge new energy vehicle extreme environment winter test, testing the pure electric battery life rate of hybrid models under the cold condition of about -40 ° C, about 20 models participated in the test. Among them, BYD looked up to 85.08% of the endurance to achieve the rate ranked first, Huawei, Celith jointly built the M7 extended range version of the last, only 31.6%.


The results quickly drew a response from several car companies. Yu Chengdong posted: "Cheating the test, misleading the public! Science and rigor are the basic rules to follow!" The "AITO Car" public account also issued a message: "The relevant test opened the Windows and doors for many times for a long time under the conditions of cold limit and continuous heating of air conditioning, which seriously deviated from the real use scenario of users."


Subsequently, the Great Wall Motor announced the holding of understanding the car Emperor winter test standards question communication meeting, will include the new energy winter test of scientific and fair standards, pure electric endurance test of vehicle maintenance standards, climbing Angle test of vehicle power standards, climbing distance test of vehicle braking standards and other issues. Its official blog issued the title "fishing dry, but also have to see the Great Wall", suspected of teasing understand the car emperor slogan "seriously, but also have to understand the car emperor."


Yang Xueliang, vice president of Geely Auto Group, followed suit and said: "I also do not agree, I also believe that the evaluation process is not scientific, not rigorous, and the conclusion is not convincing, which not only misleads consumers, but also hurts the credibility of Understand Car Di itself." Yang Xueliang pointed out that the Galaxy L6 in the preparation process before the test, idle in place for 70 minutes, during which 4 times to open the door, the longest two times to open the door for more than 10 minutes, these operations greatly increased the air conditioning energy consumption, resulting in a lot of electricity before departure. Lynk & Co also raised similar questions about the test results of the Lynk & Co 08 model.


Understand car Emperor is not afraid of doubt, said that all the winter test projects use a unified standard, in line with the user's car scene, there is no differential treatment, and openly invited car companies and media to participate in the new energy vehicle extreme cold test in Mohe. The title of the copy is: The road to truth, not afraid of cold.



02 CLTC is ridiculed, and third-party reviews are called for


Car companies are angry, understand the car emperor hard just, a time to make new energy vehicle testing related topics rushed to hot search.


Starting from 2021, this is already the third year of the winter test of new energy vehicles. Zhang Kangkang, senior analyst of Qingyan Huaku New Energy Research Institute, believes that with the rapid rise of new energy vehicles, the winter test is quite forward-looking.


The logic behind it is that the original new energy vehicle factory driving mileage test condition is NEDC, which is introduced from Europe in China, because the European road conditions are very different from the Chinese road conditions, its gentle and uniform test conditions do not meet the actual use of cars in China, so consumers often feel NEDC "unreal".


Since October 1, 2021, most new energy vehicles have replaced the original NEDC with CLTC comprehensive driving mileage. But interestingly, after the same model uses the CLTC driving range, the nominal driving range is actually longer than the NEDC. The reason is that the average speed of CLTC test is low, and new energy vehicles are just short of high-speed endurance; CLTC only investigates normal temperature conditions, high and low temperature standards have not been implemented, and new energy vehicles are precisely afraid of high and low temperatures.


"Therefore, consumers feel that the tram mileage is not allowed to mark, there is a natural demand for winter test and summer test, and understand that the car emperor organizes summer test and winter test, which objectively complements the national standard to a certain extent, and therefore has certain progressive significance." Zhang Kangkang said.


Fan Yongjun, secretary-general of the Chengdu New energy Automobile Industry Promotion and Application Promotion Association, also believes that as the official evaluation of the model listing announcement, it is impossible to involve all kinds of car scenes, and it is not realistic to test such as the understanding car Emperor to Turpan and Mohe, but there is a need in the market, there will be institutions to open the corresponding test.


"Third-party evaluation can more directly reflect the performance of new energy vehicles in various working conditions, and provide an important reference for car companies to improve products and users to make choices, which is of practical significance." Fan Yongjun said.



03 New energy vehicles require high quality testing standards


In this way, the third-party evaluation can be called a merit, why is it the collective anger of car companies? Zhang Kangkang believes that the third-party evaluation of media platforms naturally has potential questions.


First, impartiality. With the upgrade of the "understand car Emperor winter test event", some netizens exposed the suspected "Understand car Emperor winter test investment plan" price list, the price ranges from 6 million to 16 million yuan. A senior executive of Kia China also sent a circle of friends recently, saying that a certain model of Kia wanted to participate in the winter evaluation but was "rejected" by the understanding car emperor. For a time, the fairness of the winter evaluation was questioned by many parties.


Zhang Kangkang believes that media testing has a natural disadvantage in terms of fairness. "Compared with the general car media, the car platform does not rely on the launch of a car company to survive, so the impartiality will be better." He said that the understanding car emperor of this public opinion vortex is actually divided into original departments and commercial departments. As far as Zhang knows, the original department is not responsible for commercial revenue in order to ensure fairness as much as possible, "but netizens do not distinguish between the original department and the commercial department, so they will be more motivated to doubt its fairness."


Second, consistency. Is the testing process rigorous? Will it be different every time you take a test? In this test, for example, if every car is silent and opens and closes, does every car open and close at the same time? Is the speed curve as consistent as possible when driving? Zhang Kangkang believes that the consistency of the media platform test can not be as strict as the national standard test, but it is still necessary to provide key data to ensure basic consistency.


Third, Zhang Kangkang believes that even if the test process is scientific and rigorous, is the nominal working condition used representative? For example, plug-in/range extension vehicles use pure electric mode in extremely cold areas and deliberately do not start the engine, which does not necessarily meet the real car scenario.


Zhang Kangkang believes that there is still room for improvement, such as the controversial endurance test test, you can fully open the test method in advance and collect opinions, record key data such as opening and closing time in the execution, in order to try to avoid disputes as much as possible.


04 Scientific and reasonable evaluation standards need to be jointly built


The storm caused by the winter test event is still continuing, behind which is reflected, in fact, consumers' informed demand for the real performance of new energy vehicles is rising, therefore, the construction of new energy high-quality test standards has almost become an industry consensus.


Zhang Kangkang believes that scientific and reasonable standards should be formulated and implemented by relevant national departments. The reason is that the CLTC working condition is the baton of technology development of car companies, but because the CLTC working condition is far from the real car scene, this problem is particularly prominent in new energy vehicles, some car companies in order to "take the test", and finally developed models are not actually useful models, which brings the mismatch of resources, and affects the upgrading of new energy technology to a certain extent.


"The original intention of the winter test and summer test is to make up for the incompleteness of the national standard CLTC test, which is beneficial to consumers." Zhang Kangkang said. In the absence of fair and impartial third-party testing, it is the consumer who suffers. So what consumers need to do is to urge them to improve their testing. At the same time, national efforts are needed to make testing more efficient.


Zhang Hong, Secretary-General of the New energy Vehicle Branch of the China Automobile Circulation Association, believes that the evaluation of new energy vehicles can be implemented by national professional and technical institutions, industry associations and engineering societies, as well as third-party enterprises or institutions, but the implementation process should involve independent experts and scholars from all parties and professional media, and the list of expert committees will be announced after the evaluation. The evaluation results must be fair and objective, and can withstand questioning and testing.


Fan Yongjun believes that the new energy vehicle industry is currently full of grandiosity, a variety of "first", "leading", "the most" propaganda there are exaggerated components, need more third-party evaluation to test its authenticity. The reason is that if a third-party assessment is dominant, it is easy to breed corruption; On the other hand, if there are multiple evaluation agencies competing with each other, the objectivity of the evaluation can be improved. "There is no need for the government to do a complete job in this process, as long as the supervision of third-party platforms can be done, and the needs of the market can be solved by the market itself." 'he said.


Or perhaps, as Great Wall Motor's initiative says, "It's time! Build China's new energy high-quality testing standards! We call on China's auto industry regulators, auto companies, evaluation agencies, media and users to work together to develop new energy testing standards that are more suitable for users' actual application scenarios, actual environmental conditions, and actual working conditions, so as to provide global users with more rigorous, more fair and more objective evaluation results, and promote the high-quality development of China's auto industry."


Originally published by China Automotive News on December 15, 2023