2023 Commercial Vehicle industry Cooperation Development Conference was held in Beijing


Wu Xinmiao

Driven by a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, China's commercial vehicle industry is entering a deep water area of transformation and upgrading and a critical period of stock competition. At present, commercial vehicle enterprises are gathering the external force of Majestic Upward, planting the internal advantages of high-quality development, and opening a new chapter in the industry's collaborative progress.



On December 1, at the 2023 Commercial Vehicle Industry Cooperation and Development Conference sponsored by China Automotive News Co., LTD., hosted by Zhongqi Brothers and co-organized by Kyushu International Convention and Exhibition, the participants had an in-depth discussion on the theme of "Deepening win-win cooperation and building a high-quality development road for commercial vehicle industry".


The new trend creates a new pattern of high-quality development


China's automobile industry has gone through 70 years, is accelerating from "automobile power" to "automobile power", commercial vehicles as the main carrier of highway logistics, connecting the national economy and people's livelihood. Over the past 70 years, China's commercial vehicle industry has been moving forward in perseverance and developing in innovation, opening a new situation in which the market has gradually matured, the strength of enterprises has been growing, and the industry scale has been leading the world.


Xie Rongbin, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman, editor in chief of China Energy Automobile Communication Group and editor in chief of China Energy News, said in his speech that in recent years, under the leadership of the Party Central Committee and The State Council, under the joint efforts of all parties in the industry, China's commercial vehicle industry has made great achievements in development, achieving the world's first commercial vehicle market size, and gradually improving the industrial policy and standard system. The industrial innovation capacity has been continuously enhanced, the performance of products has been significantly improved, the industrial chain and supply chain have become more perfect, and the resilience has been significantly improved. At the same time, in the face of a new round of scientific and technological revolution, the commercial vehicle industry gradually to electrification, intelligent transformation, vehicle and three power system and other key technologies have been basically synchronized with the international advanced level, AEB as the representative of the auxiliary driving system in the operation of buses, trucks on the installation of record high, some application scenarios of commercial vehicle autonomous driving, unmanned distribution commercialization is also steadily advancing. In addition, some commercial vehicle enterprises are still actively exploring the international market, and the road to international development is gradually stable.


However, we must also see that, affected by multiple factors, the low operating pressure of China's commercial vehicle market is obvious. How to continuously optimize the development environment, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, and promote the high-quality development of the industry is a major issue facing the commercial vehicle industry.


In response to the high-quality development of the commercial vehicle industry, Xie Rongbin proposed that first, we should clearly and objectively understand and understand the changes in the market environment, policy environment and consumption environment, and prudently formulate relevant strategic plans; Second, we should get rid of the long-term over-reliance on policies, closely follow and dig the market demand and consumption trend, constantly improve the added value of products, and get rid of the backward method of "price war" to fight sales; Third, we should pay special attention to the development and application of intelligent technology, which can not only bring subversive improvement to the product experience, but also help reduce the safety accident rate in the field of transportation, reduce logistics and transportation costs, and improve operational efficiency. Fourth, continue to adhere to open cooperation, take the road of international development, and strive to achieve the whole chain of product research and development, sales, and after-sales service, and achieve integration and win-win with the local industrial chain and ecological chain.


At the meeting, Dai Miao, director of the commercial vehicle Research Department of Zhongqi Information Technology Co., LTD., analyzed the changes in the road transport environment and looked forward to the development trend of the commercial vehicle industry. He believes that with the steady improvement of the domestic economic situation, the commercial vehicle industry closely related to production and life is expected to usher in a recovery, and the commercial vehicle market is expected to resume growth in 2023; The exclusive platform can better adapt to various application scenarios of commercial vehicles, and bring new development space for new energy commercial vehicles; At the same time, as new energy commercial vehicles enter a new stage of development, the business ecology of commercial vehicles will also shift from vehicle centered to operation centered. The accelerated application of big data for commercial vehicle networking is not only reflected in the vehicle itself, but also in intelligent services and operations, further promoting the incubation of new business models for enterprises.


New driving forces have activated the development of commercial vehicles


Since the beginning of this year, new energy vehicles and overseas exports have become the two major engines driving the growth of the automotive industry, but also an important starting point for the high-quality development of the commercial vehicle industry, independent enterprises have not only set off a wave of green change, but also opened a new round of automobile exports.


For the development prospects of new energy commercial vehicles, Shi Jianhua, deputy secretary-general of the China Electric Vehicle 100, said that China's commercial vehicle industry has entered a new round of adjustment cycle, the broad space of new energy commercial vehicles is accelerating to open, in order to achieve market-oriented and sustainable development, not only to break through common technical bottlenecks, but also to strengthen integrated technological innovation. Improve the economy and convenience of the product. At the same time, under the trend of the "new four modernizations" of automobiles, the connotation and extension of the automobile supply chain are also continuing to extend and expand, and the further development of the industry should also build a complete industrial ecology, constantly improve the infrastructure system, establish a complete industrial system that connects upstream and downstream, and jointly promote the high-quality development of new energy commercial vehicles.


Since the beginning of this year, China's commercial vehicle enterprises have accelerated the pace of "going to sea", opening up a new situation for commercial vehicle exports. Data show that from January to October, commercial vehicle exports of 642,000, an increase of 20.8%; From January to October, 36,700 new energy commercial vehicles were exported, an increase of 65.4% year-on-year.


In this regard, Sun Xiaohong, secretary-general of Automobile branch of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products, analyzed and predicted the export situation of China's commercial vehicles. She said that in the short term, the overseas automobile supply chain has been greatly affected, and the automobile production and supply in some countries are insufficient, which provides opportunities for China's automobile export. In the long run, the growth of the domestic auto market has slowed down, competition has intensified, and the willingness of auto companies to seek overseas incremental markets has increased, coupled with the improvement of China's car manufacturing strength, product strength has been enhanced, and electrification and intelligent technology is a leading overseas brand, accelerating the process of independent brands to go to sea. At the same time, the international tourism and public transport industry has gradually picked up, leading to a rapid rebound in overseas transport and travel demand, and the export of commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses has also opened a high-speed growth mode. In addition, under the dual catalysis of global climate issues and the world energy crisis, the demand for new energy vehicles in overseas markets continues to expand, and the scale and growth rate of China's new energy vehicle exports are expected to continue to rise. In the next two years, it is expected that China's automobile exports will continue to maintain a growth momentum of 10% to 20%.


The launch ceremony of the 2024 Shenzhen International Commercial Vehicle Ecological Expo and the International Truck Culture Festival was also held at the conference.


Li Kaijing, general manager of Guangdong Kyushu International Exhibition Media Technology Co., LTD., said that the electrification, networking and intelligent transformation of commercial vehicles have become the focus of attention at the national strategic level.


In this context, Shenzhen International Commercial Vehicle Ecological Expo came into being, 2024 Shenzhen International Commercial Vehicle Ecological Expo has been strongly upgraded, jointly organized by well-known commercial vehicle industry associations and institutions, then the exhibition will be the only ecological industry platform in Asia covering the whole chain of commercial vehicles, pre-loading technology, post-loading application and truck culture. Help the global development of China's commercial vehicle industry.


Originally published by China Automotive News on December 12, 2023