2023 to buy oil trucks, in the end is not "49 years into the National Army"?


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Today's new energy vehicle development speed is very rapid, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in September, the domestic retail penetration rate of new energy vehicles 36.9%, of which, the independent brand is 59.4%, the luxury car is 24.0%, and the mainstream joint venture brand is only 6.2%. So in the current circumstances, but also to buy fuel vehicles, in the end is not "49 years into the national Army"?


If you think about the economy, what kind of car do you buy now? Are in a rather awkward position.



Whether it is fuel vehicles or new energy vehicles, the warranty rate has fallen to the bottom. Fuel vehicle warranty rate is low, mainly because the development of new energy vehicles is too fast, resulting in new fuel cars have to cut prices to survive, more than 130,000 Camry, 140,000 Honda Accord, Volkswagen Passat, put the past price can only buy a joint venture compact class car.


The warranty rate of new energy vehicles is low because the technology update speed is too fast. A few years ago, it was still rolling, this 500 kilometers, that 600 kilometers, and now they are running 1,000 kilometers, what 800V architecture, intelligent driving, etc., now the new energy vehicles are updated a year, three years a replacement, less than three years, the technology will have a relatively large improvement, therefore, the new energy preservation rate is inevitable.


Therefore, at this stage, you can not expect, but also like a few years ago, to buy a car with a high guarantee rate, drive for two or three years, and the salvage value is 80%. Relatively speaking, the warranty rate of fuel vehicles is still higher, because the price of fuel vehicles has fallen to the bottom, the short-term three or four years, the warranty rate is still guaranteed, but if the time line is extended, the warranty rate of fuel vehicles is still not optimistic.


If from the point of view of use, buy fuel vehicles or buy new energy vehicles?


This is a relatively complex issue, and for a simple conclusion, my advice would be to avoid buying an electric car as your sole family vehicle unless you rarely, if ever, run long distances. If you need an urban mobility scooter, I suggest you buy a model below 100,000 yuan, suitable for family second car, provided that your home can install home charging pile, or charging is very convenient.


At this stage, we still recommend that people buy hybrid, extended-range and pure fuel vehicles.



The problem of pure electric models is obvious, the charging speed is slow, the low-temperature endurance attenuation is serious, and the high-speed endurance attenuation is serious, which is doomed to be not suitable for friends who often run long distances, in addition, solid-state batteries may make a breakthrough in the next 4-5 years, once the solid-state battery is mass-produced and listed, the electric vehicles at this stage will become the product of obsolescence, from this perspective, Buying an electric car that is too expensive now is not wise either.


At this stage, I recommend you to choose extended range and hybrid models, they do not have the endurance anxiety of electric vehicles, but also can reduce the use of pure electric driving in the urban area, is the more appropriate choice for the current transition period, with BYD, Wuling, Changan and other brands, the price of hybrid models hit 100,000 yuan below, their price is basically equivalent to fuel vehicles. Pure fuel vehicle, it is really not recommended to buy.


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