Global Sustainable Transport Summit (2023) opens in Beijing


Ma Xin Wu Xinmiao


Transportation is the thread of economy and the link of civilization, and sustainable transportation is an important part of high-quality development.


On September 25, entitled "Sustainable Transport: The Global Sustainable Transportation Summit Forum (2023) with the theme of "Working together for Global Development" opened in Beijing. Transportation professionals from all walks of life gathered to discuss sustainable transportation development plans and discuss the bright future of sustainable transportation. The Forum will also hold the 15th World International Transportation Technology and Equipment Exhibition at the same time, and launch the establishment of the Global Sustainable Transportation Innovation Alliance.


 China is speeding up its efforts to build itself into a transport powerhouse. We will continue to connect with the world and The Times, promote global transport cooperation, and provide the world with new opportunities through our own development. China is ready to work with other countries in the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits to make sustainable transport development more beneficial to people around the world, and contribute to the implementation of the global development initiative, the realization of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, and the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.


Minister of Transport Li Xiaopeng pointed out in his keynote speech that at present, the level of innovation in transportation science and technology continues to improve, new technologies such as big data, the Internet, artificial intelligence, and blockchain are deeply integrated with the transportation industry, technologies such as online car hailing, autonomous driving, and drones are booming, and green and low-carbon transportation modes are accelerating. We have focused on simultaneously promoting high-quality development and high-level protection, strengthened resource conservation and intensive efforts, and optimized and adjusted the transport structure. The production and sales of new energy vehicles have grown rapidly, the intensity of transport energy consumption and carbon emissions has continued to decline, and encouraged and guided the development of green travel as a priority.


In particular, he stressed that the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are deepening, we must adhere to innovation, grasp the direction of digitalization, networking and intelligence, improve technology research and development capabilities, promote the digitalization of the transportation industry, and vigorously develop smart transportation and smart logistics; We should foster an open, fair, just and non-discriminatory path of scientific and technological development, promote the global flow of innovation factors, and jointly promote technological innovation in transport. We should adhere to the green and low-carbon plan, establish a green and low-carbon development economic system, and promote the overall green transformation of economic and social development. We should promote the construction of green transportation infrastructure and promote the application of new and clean energy. We should improve global environmental governance and actively respond to climate change. We must adhere to the world of transportation, follow up connectivity, and accelerate integrated development as an inevitable choice to promote common development and prosperity. It is necessary to ensure the stability and smooth flow of global logistics supply chains, strengthen the docking of development strategies, promote high-quality development of the Belt and Road Initiative, and promote the construction of an open world economy.


 "Embracing the bright future of Global smart Transportation", "Ecological Priority: Accelerating the Green and low-carbon transformation of Global Transportation" and "Global governance: Building a Global Partnership for Sustainable Transportation" are five major topics. The Forum will host plenary sessions, four thematic sessions, ministerial round tables and more than 20 side events.


One of the important driving factors to achieve sustainable development is innovation, and as the main body of innovation, SF Express highlighted the progress in the field of digital twin technology.


According to reports, SF Express has broken through the problems of digital twin technology replication and landing. In order to make the express transfer faster, SF digital twin technology mainly optimizes the sorting process and vehicle route planning strategy. At present, SF Express has deployed digital twin technology in more than 50 transfer stations across the country, shortening the sorting time by more than 10% in the actual operation process and increasing the production capacity by more than 8% on average; And through digital twin technology to optimize vehicle route planning, the average city can save more than 500 routes per month. Sf Express said that in the future, the technology will be applied to more scenarios in logistics and supply chain, enabling the entire logistics and supply chain industry to improve operational efficiency through intelligence.



Song Xiang, vice president of SF Technology AIOT field, said that SF Express, as a leading enterprise in China's logistics and supply chain, needs to take the lead in entering the digital twin, a high-profile technology track in the international industry, and play a good front station for the research and development and application of digital twins for Chinese logistics enterprises. At the same time, with the maturity of digital twin technology and the emergence of value, the promotion process of the entire industry will become a process of consensus formation and standard unification, and the reduction of digital twin application costs will become inevitable. In a more extensive and complex scenario such as resource arrangement, planning and scheduling, and with a larger amount of computation, the optimal solution will be found faster and more accurately in the future, breaking through the real intelligent logistics core, bringing visible effects such as reducing the overall logistics cost, avoiding waste of production capacity, and allocating the entire link resources more reasonably, helping Chinese logistics to be more competitive in the international race.


In an interview with reporters, the main line technology responsible person who participated in this year's forum said that the theme of this year's forum is "Sustainable transportation: "Working together to help Global development" clearly expresses that the sustainable development of the transportation industry characterized by low-carbon and intelligent needs the efforts of China and other countries in the world, and requires the joint efforts of governments, industrial enterprises, scientific research institutions and other fields.


"Today, China's transportation industry has been in the low-carbon, intelligent transformation, national government departments and industry upstream and downstream have done a lot of work and efforts." Under the national strategic goals, we believe that the innovation drive of artificial intelligence will greatly enhance the speed and intensity of industrial transformation and upgrading, and unmanned driving will make China's transportation industry more resilient. For example, in the smart port, the driverless collection card can operate around the clock; In road freight, driverless vehicles can allow trucks to run in formations and transport long distances, and these innovations will improve the entire transportation industry. Thanks to the simultaneous construction of technology power and transportation power, I think China's transportation industry as a whole is leading in innovation and change." The relevant person in charge of the main line technology told reporters, "Take us as an example, from the beginning of the driverless technology, by the national Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Science and Technology and other relevant departments of concern and support, encourage us these startups to take the lead in putting technology into the real economy, take the lead in demonstration and application, and create a good environment and conditions for commercialization."


During the forum, the China International Sustainable Transportation Innovation and Knowledge Center jointly initiated the establishment of the Global Sustainable Transportation Innovation Alliance with well-known domestic and international enterprises. In the future, the alliance will be built into a platform for innovation integration, knowledge sharing, policy dialogue, consensus building and concept dissemination. In addition, China will release the Beijing Initiative on promoting global development initiatives, implementing the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and promoting Sustainable transport Development, as well as the China Sustainable Transport Development Report 2022.


The 15th International Transportation Technology and Equipment Exhibition held in the same period, with the theme of "Transportation innovation Leading the world", showcased advanced technology and equipment and the latest innovation achievements in the field of transportation, creating a platform for exchanges and cooperation for domestic and foreign enterprises and local government departments in comprehensive transportation and related fields, and promoting global transportation technology exchanges and cooperation. The exhibition has two major points of view, including comprehensive transportation infrastructure construction, high-end transportation manufacturing, international logistics supply chain system, green and low-carbon transportation, high-quality development of local transportation, and future transportation, covering various modes of transportation such as railway, highway, water transportation, civil aviation, and postal service.


Originally published by China Automotive News, September 26, 2023