2024 China Commercial Vehicle product test held in Chongqing


Yao Huifa Li Yanan

On September 11, the 2024 China Commercial Vehicle Product Test (hereinafter referred to as "Commercial Vehicle Test"), jointly organized by China Automotive News Co., Ltd. and China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "China Automotive Research Institute"), was officially launched in Chongqing Dazu. This event is specially sponsored by Cummins (China) Investment Co., LTD., and supported by Zhongqi Brothers (Beijing) Information Technology Co., LTD.



In the China Automotive Research and Development Dazhu test base, from GAC Hino, Nanjing IVeco, Yutong light truck, Liuzhou Wuling new energy, Mercedes-Benz trucks, Foton Times, Sany automobile, Foton Auman, Jianghuai 1 card, Foton European aviation European Marco and other domestic mainstream commercial vehicle enterprises are carrying strength products, fierce competition.


Test procedures are continuously optimized and upgraded


Commercial vehicle testing has been successfully held for 16 sessions so far. Over the years, the organizers have adhered to the four principles of "objective, scientific, fair and just", always adhered to the original intention of being close to the real needs of users, followed the general trend of commercial vehicle development, constantly adjusted and optimized the evaluation procedures, and strive to accurately reflect the comprehensive performance of commercial vehicle products. This activity has become an important activity in the domestic commercial vehicle industry with greater brand influence and strong market guidance.


So, compared with previous sessions, what are the bright spots and changes in commercial vehicle testing this year?


According to Long Jun, deputy director of the Vehicle Evaluation Research Center of China Automotive Research and Development, in this year's China commercial vehicle product testing, the test procedures were optimized and upgraded again, and the energy consumption test of new energy commercial vehicles was increased to more comprehensively test the current performance of new energy commercial vehicles; In order to further enable intelligent and autonomous driving, the test activity for the first time added active safety technology functional testing.


In the energy consumption test of new energy vehicles, after the test vehicle is charged at the test site, the test vehicle completes 10 laps of test on the performance road of China Automotive Research Dazu Test Base (vehicle test speed is 80 km/h). During the test, the vehicle driving data is recorded through VBOX, and the vehicle is returned to the charging station to recharge after the test. The energy consumption of 100 kilometers is calculated through the supplementary power and driving range (the mileage of the extended range vehicle is tested in pure electric mode, and the VBOX data recording is terminated when the range extender starts).


In the active safety technology function test, test engineers conducted a comprehensive test and evaluation of five mainstream intelligent driving assistance functions of the vehicle: Automatic emergency braking system (AEB), forward collision warning system (FCW), lane departure warning system (LDW), lane keeping system (LKA) and blind area monitoring system (BSA).


Intelligent, electric models play a leading role


At present, the commercial vehicle industry has ushered in a critical period of transformation and change. From the long-term development, the policy dividend supporting the growth of commercial vehicles in recent years has gradually reduced, and the future commercial vehicle market will enter a period of adjustment. In the increasingly heated competition, product strength is the foundation, only accurately grasp the market changes and user needs, and actively respond to market demand, in order to maintain sales share continue to increase.


Because of this, enterprises pay more and more attention to the improvement of product performance and technical connotation. In the process of testing, Wang Haiqing, chief engineer of the customer Engineering Department of Cummins (China) Investment Co., LTD., and Xu Xiangyang, director of the Academic Committee of the School of Transportation Science and Engineering of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, believe that the overall level of participating vehicles has made significant progress.


Song Jian, a responsible professor of vehicle engineering at Tsinghua University, also said that whether it is from the technical level, or from the appearance and configuration of the vehicle performance, this year's participating vehicles have been greatly improved compared with previous years, and some models have increased the active safety configuration, further strengthening the safety performance of the vehicle.


"Especially for several tractors, the gap between performance and quality and imported models is narrowing, and the functional design is more humanized, paying more attention to man-machine comfort and driving experience." Senior logistics expert Gao Weizhi further pointed out that the development trend of electrification and intelligence is clearly reflected in this event. Among the participating vehicles this year, new energy and clean energy models accounted for more than half, and diversified technology routes such as pure electric, hybrid and natural gas have appeared.


"In terms of intelligent networking, the vehicles that participated in the test also performed well, and the information communication technology and artificial intelligence technology continued to improve, and they focused on the electronic and electrical architecture, coupled with vehicle networking, intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving and other aspects of research and development, further promoting and improving the development level of China's commercial vehicles." China steam research test engineer added.



Promote the high-quality development of China's commercial vehicles


Commercial vehicles are the foundation of our national economy and the mainstay of our automobile industry. In order to continuously improve the technical level of China's commercial vehicles and promote the level of the entire commercial vehicle industry, the mechanism of test activities has been gradually improved in the course of 16 consecutive years. Under the joint efforts of China Automotive News and China Automotive Research Institute, the test activities actively fulfill their due social responsibilities and public welfare missions, jointly witness every change in the market, and faithfully record every mark of the development of the industry.


GUI Junsong, editor-in-chief of China Automotive News, said that the test activity not only combines the real operation scenario of the vehicle, but also shows the overall performance of China's commercial vehicles under different circumstances from multiple dimensions through professional test equipment and test means, which truly and objectively reflects the overall level of China's commercial vehicles. At the same time, it also combines a number of tests such as subjective testing, road testing, and field testing, and reflects the overall strength of China's commercial vehicles more comprehensively and truly through the characteristics, styles and test purposes of each different test blocks.


There is no doubt that China's commercial vehicle product testing has become one of the most authoritative testing activities in the country, is the barometer of industry development and market performance, especially in recent years, China's automotive market has entered a new stage of high-quality development under the background, the need for commercial vehicle testing such activities to insight into market trends, guide the future development direction of the industry.


"But no matter how the test rules and content Settings change, the original intention of the test activity will not change, that is, on the one hand, to provide a significant reference guide for the industry, enterprises, and users; On the other hand, we will continue to promote the technological progress of China's commercial vehicles, improve the product quality, reputation and brand influence of enterprises, so that Chinese commercial vehicles can reach the world's advanced level and lead the development of the global commercial vehicle industry." GUI Junsong finally stressed.


Originally published by China Automotive News, September 12, 2023