Round moon Mid-Autumn Festival, continuous love department staff - The leaders of the Municipal Federation of Trade unions offered love to Jinxiang half-axis employees before the Mid-Autumn Festival



Month to 15 points outside Ming, people to the Mid-Autumn Festival more intense. At 10 o 'clock this morning, Hua Guilin, vice chairman of the city Federation of Trade unions, and led the staff of the organs, accompanied by Zhou Lei, chairman of the Shuanghe Town Committee, and Liu Zhengfeng, director of the trade union, came to Jinxiang Automobile Axle Co., Ltd. to send rice, noodles and other love materials to all employees.



As a key dispatching enterprise in the city, Jinxiang Axle has always been cared by the city Federation of Trade unions and other departments. In recent years, we have silently supported Jinxiang in many aspects such as taking care of difficult employees, carrying out trade union activities, and offering suggestions for enterprise development, and many difficult employees have enjoyed the care of the Municipal Federation of Trade unions.


Hua Guilin went deep into the production workshop and inspected the production situation of the enterprise on the spot. The company's chairman and general manager, Dai Zixiang, reported the current operating status of the company, since the recovery of the epidemic, Jinxiang axle advance arrangement, not relying on, continue to play product quality and delivery advantages, won the first stage of the epidemic recovery battle. At present, the company has passed the most difficult period, since August this year, production and operation gradually returned to normal, next week the company will open double shift production to meet customer demand.


Huaguilin highly praised Jinxiang Axle for winning the epidemic recovery campaign by relying on its own strength. He stressed that Jinxiang Axle should seize the great opportunity of the current economic recovery, continue to play its own advantages, stabilize production and expand sales, and continue to contribute to the economic development of Zhongxiang City while providing stable jobs and income for all employees. It is believed that under the leadership of the chairman of the board of directors and the joint efforts of all employees, Jinxiang will be able to win the battle and recover the economic losses caused by the epidemic for three years, and the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions will continue to help the healthy development of Jinxiang axle in relevant links.