China's commercial vehicle product testing started in September


Wu Ge


The 2024 China Commercial Vehicle Product Test (hereinafter referred to as the "Test Event"), co-sponsored by China Automotive News Co., LTD and China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "China Automotive Research Institute"), will be launched in Chongqing Municipality in September. China's commercial vehicle product testing has been successfully held for 16 sessions so far, and this fair, just and open test activity has a high influence in the commercial vehicle industry. A few days ago, the event organizer revealed that in this year's commercial vehicle product testing in China, the test procedures will be upgraded again to comply with the development trend of intelligent, networked and electricized commercial vehicle industry.


Add energy consumption tests for new energy commercial vehicles


In recent years, the domestic new energy commercial vehicle market has been booming, the proportion of new energy vehicles in the field of commercial vehicles has been increasing, and new energy commercial vehicles have been widely used in urban distribution logistics, municipal, public transport and other fields. In order to more comprehensively test the current performance of new energy commercial vehicles and provide a reference basis for end users to purchase vehicles, the test organizer has detailed the test procedures for the new energy commercial vehicle group.


The specific test procedures are as follows: After charging at the test site, the participating vehicles selected by commercial vehicle enterprises will complete 10 laps of test on the performance road of China Automotive Research Dazu Test Base (vehicle test speed is 80 km/h). During the test, vehicle driving data will be recorded through VBOX and will be returned to the charging station to recharge after the test. The energy consumption of 100 kilometers is calculated through the supplementary power and driving range (the mileage of the extended range vehicle is tested in pure electric mode, and the VBOX data recording is terminated when the range extender starts).


Increased active safety system testing


Intelligent and automatic driving is undoubtedly a hot subdivision of the current automotive industry. In the commercial vehicle market, the number of models equipped with active safety technology functions and certain auxiliary driving functions is increasing. The test event organizers said that the test event for the first time to add active safety technology functional testing, will be evaluated on the participating vehicles automatic emergency braking system (AEB), forward collision warning system (FCW), lane departure warning system (LDW), lane keeping system (LKA) and blind area monitoring system (BSA) five mainstream intelligent driving assistance functions.


In the AEB/FCW performance test, it will be divided into two scenarios: target vehicle moving and adult moving. The AEB and FCW functions of the vehicle will be tested respectively for the identification, warning and automatic braking capabilities of the moving vehicle ahead and the stationary adult target. In addition, the test procedure includes a test scenario in which the AEB/FCW system responds incorrectly to a stationary vehicle in an adjacent lane.


In the performance test of LDW, it is divided into two types of test flow: straight road and curve road. It is used to test the response of LDW system of participating vehicles in different road scenarios; In addition, the test of the LKA system will also be carried out in two types of scenarios, straight and curve, by testing the deviation suppression performance of the LKA system under the scenario of 70 km/h and a deviation speed of 0.4 m/s (in the curve scenario, it is driven along the curve line for 5 seconds until the deviation occurs).


In the BSA performance test, the test vehicle will be driven at 50 km/h, the target vehicle will be driven at 60 km/h and the lateral distance of 1.5 meters, and the ability to identify and monitor moving vehicles in the left and right lanes of the test vehicle will be evaluated.


According to the organizer of the test event, the test event is currently in the preparatory stage of enterprise registration and participating vehicles, and major commercial vehicle enterprises are welcome to sign up to participate.


Originally published by China Automotive News, August 30, 2023