"Ask the Road Carbon Neutral - 2023 Automotive Carbon Neutral Summit" press conference was held in Beijing


Shi Yunyun

Under the guidance of the national "double carbon" goal, the automobile industry is undergoing a historic transformation and also assumes an extraordinary mission. On August 18, under the guidance of the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government, supported by the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, hosted by China Energy Vehicle Communication Group and hosted by China Automobile Newspaper, the press conference of "Asking the Way to Carbon Neutrality - 2023 Automotive Carbon Neutrality Summit" was held in Beijing.



Ma Shu, Deputy Secretary-General of Guangzhou Municipal People's Government, Xie Rongbin, Party Secretary, Chairman, Editor-in-Chief of China Energy Automobile Communication Group and Editor-in-Chief of China Energy News, Ye Shengji, Chief engineer of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Lin Weibin, director of Energy Policy Research Office of China Energy Research Society and other leaders and industry experts attended the conference. The meeting was presided over by Xin Ning, president of China Automobile Newspaper.


Guangzhou, as China's major automobile production town, is accelerating towards the trillion-level "smart car city" in recent years, taking independent innovation to create the "brain, bones and limbs" of smart cars as its own responsibility, and is committed to promoting the high-quality development of China's intelligent net-connected new energy vehicles. Ma Shu said in his speech: "This year marks the 70th anniversary of the development of China's automobile industry, and Guangzhou will join forces with national platforms such as China Energy Automotive Communication Group. Hold a series of activities integrating 'exhibition, conference and competition' such as' Ask for Carbon Neutrality - 2023 Automotive Carbon Neutrality Summit ', '2023 Global New Energy and Intelligent Vehicle Supply Chain Innovation Conference', 'Guangzhou Automotive Industry Development Conference' and 'Guangzhou Automotive Electronics Innovation Week'." He pointed out that the Guangzhou Municipal Government will continue to support the holding of high-level and high-level automobile industry activities, hoping to gather industry experts, scholars, entrepreneurs for the development of Guangzhou automobile industry to feel the pulse, advice, cultivate Guangzhou city automobile culture, help the high-quality development of the industry, and strive to become a high-quality brand activities to publicize and display China's automobile industry.


To achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality is a major strategic decision made by the CPC Central Committee after careful consideration, which bears on the sustainable development of the Chinese nation and the building of a community with a shared future for mankind. At the press conference site, Xie Rongbin said: "Carbon neutrality has become a topic of global concern, the implementation of the 'double carbon' strategy, to promote green and low-carbon development, is the due meaning of auto power, is the inevitable requirement of high-quality development and transformation and upgrading of the industry." He stressed that the automobile industry is not alone in achieving the goal of carbon neutrality, which requires efficient coordination and joint promotion of the whole industry chain of government, industry, university, research and enterprise, and also needs attention and encouragement from all aspects of society. To this end, China Energy Vehicle Communication Group, together with the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government, made every effort to create the first automotive carbon neutral Summit, committed to comprehensively analyze the international and domestic situation, in-depth discussion of the latest industry trends, and integrate the wisdom of all walks of life in promoting the automotive industry to practice the "dual carbon" strategy, and seek a scientific and efficient carbon reduction path for China's automotive industry.


When answering reporters' questions, Ma Shu said that Guangzhou has always closely followed the transformation trend of electrification, networking, intelligence and sharing of cars to implement carbon neutrality and carbon peak strategy. Specific measures include: optimize the layout of production capacity, and promote the transformation of vehicle enterprises to low-carbon and intelligent; Improve the innovation system and stimulate the innovation vitality of the automobile industry chain; Promote cross-border integration and build a new industrial ecology.


What role should the automotive industry play in achieving carbon neutrality? Xie Rongbin believes that China's automobile industry should comprehensively promote technological change, quality improvement, manufacturing upgrading, coordinate the whole industrial chain to reduce carbon, and play a leading role in the "leader" industry; China's automobile industry should be a good practitioner and pioneer of the green development strategy, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the energy structure and the low-carbon development of the transportation sector. China's automobile industry should promote international and domestic cooperation and exchanges, and export Chinese experience, Chinese standards and Chinese solutions to a certain extent.


For automobile enterprises, low-carbon transformation is a long-term process, which needs to coordinate short-term benefits and long-term development. In this regard, Ye Shengji suggested that "the automobile should be committed to the realization of energy transformation, raw material supply, the whole process of product realization, product use and recycling and other five links of comprehensive low-carbon, in order to promote the realization of the whole industry chain and the whole life cycle of low-carbon carbon reduction goals." Ye Shengji said that since the release of the "dual carbon" strategic goal, the upstream and downstream of the automobile industry chain have actively acted, and carried out many exploration and practice in the research and promotion of the technical path and implementation plan of the implementation of the "dual carbon" goal of the automobile industry, I believe that under the joint efforts of all parties in the industry chain and the industry, the implementation of the "dual carbon" goal of the automobile industry will be promoted scientifically and orderly. Achieve the expected purpose and achieve the expected results.


At present, China's hydrogen energy industry has entered a period of accelerated development, and hydrogen fuel cells have become a new growth point of the new energy automobile industry. When it comes to the industrialization of hydrogen energy development, Lin Weibin believes that in order to further promote the industrialization of hydrogen energy development, we must first continue to reduce the production cost of hydrogen energy, especially the renewable energy electrolytic water hydrogen production; Secondly, it is necessary to speed up the breakthrough of bottlenecks in hydrogen energy storage, transportation and refueling, strengthen the research and development, demonstration and promotion of key technologies, materials and equipment, and strengthen infrastructure construction. Third, it is necessary to steadily promote the diversified application of hydrogen energy, expand the application of hydrogen energy in the fields of transportation, chemical industry, steel, power and energy storage, and promote large-scale development.



As all things bid farewell to the summer, all the good things set out for early autumn. On September 19-20, "Ask the Way Carbon Neutral - 2023 Automotive Carbon Neutral Summit" will be held in Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center. Through one main forum + seven sub-forums, the summit will carry out in-depth discussions on hot topics in the industry such as carbon reduction coordination of the whole industrial chain, overall planning of short and medium term industrial development, traditional automobile transformation, high-quality development of new energy vehicles, industrial development of hydrogen energy and energy storage, intelligent network connection and investment in new energy industry. At that time, big coffee from the automotive industry and government departments will gather in Yangcheng, comprehensively analyze the international and domestic situation, in-depth discuss the latest industry dynamics, provide more practical experience and innovative ideas for carbon neutrality, and help the green future of China's automotive industry. Let's look forward to it!


Originally published by China Automotive News on August 18, 2023