Going to the future, Chinese cars are more wonderful!



Time flies. Unswervingly, unswervingly.

Seventy years, ups and downs, forge ahead; Seventy years, trials and hardships, the row in the stream; Seventy years, magnificent, wind Peng is lifting!

Dongfeng Street, Changchun, Jilin, "No. 1 Automobile Factory Gate", is the birthplace of new China's automobile industry. Here records the growth track of new China's automobile industry from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong; Here witnessed generations of Chinese auto people with full of enthusiasm, live up to their youth, perseverance, dedication to the rise of China's auto industry youth and even life; It also bears the fruits of the growth and expansion of China's automobile industry, and shoulders the historical responsibility and responsibility of China's automobile industry in the process of promoting Chinese-style modernization.

Today, the "eldest son of the Republic" China FAW ushered in the 70th birthday, and the new China's automobile industry has also gone through 70 years of singing. From the establishment of new China to the reform and opening up, from independent innovation to integrated development, after 70 years of experience, the rise of China's automobile industry, the rapid development of industrial innovation, the rapid development of manufacturing level and ability, the growing talent team, and the vigorous development of the market, so that Chinese automobiles occupy an important place in the world.

Seventy years of accumulation, China has risen to the world's largest new car production and sales country, the world's second largest auto exporter, Chinese cars continue to struggle to rise in the global auto industry, and gradually become an important part of the world's auto map.

Seventy years of persistence, thanks to the perseverance of the spirit of independent innovation and continuous enhancement of independent innovation ability, China's independent brand cars, China's independent research and development technology has emerged, from running to running and then to the local leader, Chinese cars in the field of electrification and intelligence has gradually walked in the forefront of the world.

After 70 years of hard work, China's auto industry, as a participant, contributor and beneficiary, has walked out of a road of globalization from active opening to deep integration, from cooperation and innovation to seeking win-win results. Foreign auto companies have gained a lot from taking root in China and deepening the localization strategy, and the Chinese auto industry has also benefited a lot from opening up, innovation and mutual benefit. China is no longer just a "production workshop" for foreign auto companies in the global layout, but has gradually become their benchmark for intelligent manufacturing in the global production network, as well as their important technological research and development and innovation base in the world.

Seventy years of deep cultivation, Chinese automobile brands continue to grow, more outstanding Chinese enterprises, Chinese products and Chinese brands are active in the global market with an unprecedented trend, to show and convey to the world "made in China" and "made in China" advantages and charm.
Seventy years of efforts, Chinese car companies in the struggle to grow, the global competitiveness is increasingly enhanced; In addition to the whole vehicle, more head parts enterprises are emerging, gradually occupying a dominant position in the allocation of global industrial chain resources, and playing a leading role in the development of the global automotive industry.

Looking back at the history, the glorious years of 70 years have condensed the adherence to scientific guidance, the adherence to dreams, the persistence of self-reliance, the desire for open cooperation, and the pursuit of innovation. It can be said that the guidance of science, the support of dreams, the ambition of self-reliance, the open pattern, and the power of innovation are the "magic code" for the development of China's automobile industry. After 70 years of glory, the Chinese car is still a teenager. Seventy years, youth;

Seventy years, a new journey.



In the future, on the new journey towards Chinese-style modernization, Chinese cars will be given more new missions!

In the future, China's automobile industry should respond to the unprecedented changes in the global automobile industry in a higher level of development pattern, development positioning and development goals, adhere to openness and innovation, deeply participate in the process of globalization, deeply integrate into the global value chain, industrial chain and supply chain, and strive to improve the integration ability of global resources, as well as the brand influence and market competitiveness of Chinese automobiles.

We expect that in the proactive opening up, the confidence and strength of Chinese automobiles will continue to be demonstrated, foreign brands and independent brands will flourish in the development of the Chinese market, and China's automobile industry will enter a new stage of high-quality development.

We expect that in the unstoppable process of globalization, Chinese automobiles will calmly cope with and resolve risks and challenges, strengthen and improve a series of level capabilities such as research and development, manufacturing, technology and standards, truly realize the transformation from "made in China" to "created in China", achieve global leadership and jump to the world class; We will strive to make up for existing weaknesses and deficiencies, and strive to inject more valuable "Chinese driving force" into the global automobile value chain while comprehensively transforming into an automobile power.

 It has pointed out the way forward for the development of China's automobile industry and provided the fundamental follow!

Magnificent 70, sail a new journey! The new era enables new cars, we believe that going into the future, Chinese cars will be more wonderful!

China Automotive News, July 17, 2023