TUV Rheinland and BYD Auto signed a memorandum of cooperation, focusing on the integration of internationalization, digital intelligence and green development


On June 2, 2023, TUV Rheinland Greater China (referred to as "TUV RHEinland"), an international independent third-party testing, inspection and certification organization, and BYD Auto Industry Co., LTD. (referred to as "BYD Auto") signed a memorandum of cooperation in Shenzhen. The two parties will establish a long-term, comprehensive and in-depth strategic cooperation relationship in the fields of product testing and certification, safety assessment, quality management and professional talent development in the automotive, system, parts and extension industries, focusing on the integrated development of internationalization, digital intelligence and green, and jointly promoting the high-quality development of China's automotive industry.


The signing ceremony of the memorandum of cooperation was held at BYD Shenzhen headquarters. Thomas Quernheim, Global Vice President of TUV Rheinland Traffic Service Engineering and Type Certification, Huang Yuxin, Vice President of Greater China Traffic Service, Lian Yubo, Executive Vice President of BYD Group and President of Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Zhong Yilin, vice president of Automotive Engineering Research Institute and other senior representatives attended the certification and signing ceremony.



At the ceremony, Thomas Quernheim, Global Vice President of Engineering and Type Certification for TUV Rheinland Traffic Services, presented BYD Group with the certificate of compliance for UN-R155 Cybersecurity Management System (CSMS). In April this year, BYD Auto passed the audit of TUV Rheinland and successfully obtained the UN-R155 CSMS compliance certificate issued by the Luxembourg Ministry of Transport (SNCH), marking BYD Auto's management of the full life cycle of vehicle products, including: Research and development, design, production, sales, after-sales and other links are in line with the requirements of UN-R155 for the network security management system of automobile manufacturers, and play a leading role in the network security management of China's automotive industry.


Thomas Quernheim said the signing was an important milestone in the partnership. As a technical excellence in the field of automotive testing and certification for more than 100 years, TUV Rheinland will continue to play its own technical accumulation, laying a solid foundation for the cooperation between the two sides in strategic emerging fields such as new energy vehicles, intelligent network connectivity, autonomous driving, green environmental protection and carbon reduction, and promoting technological innovation and high-quality sustainable development of China's new energy vehicle products.



According to the agreement, the cooperation between TUV Rheinland and BYD Auto will focus on internationalization, digital intelligence and green development direction, and provide high-quality and efficient market access services to help BYD Auto efficiently expand the international market and accelerate the process of product globalization. At the same time, for the new round of technological innovation in the automotive industry involved in network security, information security, advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), new energy vehicle charging technology and equipment installation and other issues, TUV Rheinland will also provide corresponding research and development consulting, product testing and certification, on-site inspection and other services, enabling BYD auto product iteration. Help BYD Auto to complete the "digital" and "intelligent" transformation and upgrading.


TUV Rheinland will also provide comprehensive technical support for BYD Auto in terms of carbon reduction, carbon neutrality, recycling materials, corporate social responsibility, etc., from product life cycle, production management process, material recycling, supplier risk assessment, carbon management talent capacity training, and further consolidate its outstanding position in the field of new energy vehicles. Promote the construction of green manufacturing system in China's automotive industry.


Zhong Yilin, vice president of BYD Automotive Engineering Research Institute, said: "With the continuous transcendent and continuous innovation in technology, BYD new energy vehicles have successfully entered Japan, Germany and other auto power markets and emerging markets such as Thailand and Brazil, with footprints across the world's 6 continents, more than 70 countries and regions, more than 400 cities. We look forward to further enhancing BYD Auto's comprehensive competitiveness in the international market and accelerating its global layout through in-depth cooperation with TUV Rheinland."


"TUV Rheinland and BYD Auto have worked together for more than ten years, and the two sides have complementary advantages, resource sharing and tacit cooperation. In the future, TUV Rheinland will continue to pay attention to and support the development of the new energy automobile industry, provide comprehensive technical support for BYD Auto and other independent brands, promote the globalization of Chinese auto products, the realization of high-quality development of China's auto industry, and let more 'smart made in China' to the world." "Concludes Yuxin Huang, vice president of transportation services at TUV Rheinland Greater China.


TUV Rheinland Vehicle testing and certification services began in 1904, is committed to providing automotive companies with a total solution, covering the research and development stage of the target market regulations, vehicle and component testing, road adaptability testing, market access certification, functional safety and network security, as well as production stage quality management, after-sales service quality improvement and other services. At present, TUV Rheinland in the EU market has obtained the authorization of a number of countries of the Ministry of Transport, including Germany KBA, the Netherlands RDW, Luxembourg SNCH, Ireland NSAI, Latvia CSDD, etc., with the perfect global service network and rich technical resources, to help Chinese vehicle manufacturers successfully achieve the goal of global traffic.


Originally published by China Automotive News, June 6, 2023