Awards! 2022 "SAE China Science and Technology Award" officially released!


Zhang Yiwen Ma Xin


On May 16, the award ceremony of the "2022 SAE-China Science and Technology Award" was held at the opening ceremony of the 2023 China (Yizhuang) Intelligent Connected Vehicle Technology Week and the 10th Intelligent Connected Vehicle Technology Annual Conference (CICV2023).


The "SAE-China Science and Technology Award" (formerly China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Award) is a science and technology award for the national automotive industry. Established for more than 30 years, the award has played an important role in stimulating the growth of automotive technology talents and promoting the scientific and technological progress of the automotive industry, and has become an influential authoritative scientific and technological award in China's automotive industry.


After review, publicity, and deliberation by the Science and Technology Award Working Committee, a total of 2 special prizes of the Technology Invention Award, 1 first prize of the Technology Invention Award, 2 special prizes of the Science and Technology Progress Award, 7 first prizes of the Science and Technology Progress Award, 13 second prizes of the Science and Technology Progress Award, 32 third prizes of the Science and Technology Progress Award were awarded this year, and a total of 57 awards were awarded.


In addition, 9 industry talents from different fields such as enterprises, research institutes, and universities won the talent category. Among them, 5 people won the Excellent Scientific and Technological Talent Award, and 4 people won the Outstanding Young Scientific and Technological Talent Award.


In particular, the 2021 and 2022 Innovation Team Awards (Components) were also presented at the ceremony. Established in 2021, the award is awarded to a team that has long adhered to the front line of scientific research and production, achieved major technological innovation in key core parts of automobiles, provided supporting products and services for the whole industry, and created significant economic and social benefits.


After the review, the BYD automotive power drive semiconductor power module innovation team won the first innovation team award (parts), and the Wuhu Bethel automotive safety and electronic control system innovation team won the 2022 innovation team award (parts).


Originally published on China Automotive News on May 19, 2023