Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Continue to optimize the passenger car credit policy and do a good job in the construction and operation of the "points pool"



On April 25, the Equipment Industry Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held the "Annual Report on the Implementation of Parallel Management of Passenger Car Enterprise Average Fuel Consumption and New Energy Vehicle Points (2023)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Annual Report on Credits") in Beijing. Ma Chunsheng, Director of the Automobile Development Division of the First Department of Equipment Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Liu Fawang, Deputy Director of the Equipment Center, and expert representatives from institutions, enterprises and media attended the press conference.



Ma Chunsheng said that since the implementation of the Measures for the Parallel Management of Passenger Car Enterprise Average Fuel Consumption and New Energy Vehicle Credits (hereinafter referred to as the "Points Method"), the market-oriented management mechanism has been used to promote the coordinated development of energy-saving and new energy vehicles, and positive results have been achieved. The rapid increase in the production of new energy vehicles has led to a significant improvement in the average fuel consumption of the industry, and the level of energy-saving and new energy technology has been continuously improved, and the industry has shown a good momentum of development. In the next step, we will work with relevant departments to thoroughly implement the development plan of the new energy vehicle industry, continue to optimize the credit management methods, explore and study the connection between credit management and the national carbon trading market, accelerate the improvement of commercial vehicle credit management methods, strengthen policy and standard coordination, and create a good environment for industrial development.


Liu Fawang said that during the implementation of the "Points Measures", industry enterprises pooled their wisdom and close cooperation, which effectively guaranteed the implementation effect. From the perspective of operation, the vitality of the points market has been continuously improved, with a cumulative transaction amount of more than 20 billion yuan, which has effectively promoted the technological progress of the industry and the promotion of new energy vehicles. In the next step, under the guidance of the First Division of Equipment of the Ministry, the equipment center will continue to do a good job in the support of points management, actively research and propose policy measures, coordinate the construction and operation and maintenance of the point pool system, anchor the "dual carbon" goal, actively do a good job in the research support of the connection between points and carbon, and contribute more to the low-carbon development of the automobile industry.


Originally published on China Automotive News on April 25, 2023