Times have changed, is it true that oil cars are inferior to trams? I don't see it necessarily


When we focus on the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, it is not difficult to find that more and more companies will shift their focus to the field of new energy, in this trend, as if fuel vehicles are indeed not good, but in the author's opinion, this is not the case, although the momentum of new energy vehicles is now good, but fuel vehicles in some places are still new energy vehicles can not be replaced.



Recently, a friend of the author wants to buy a domestic car within 100,000 yuan, he oscillates between the BYD Seagull Flying Edition and Changan's new Yida 1.5T GDI automatic premium model, and he hopes that the author will help him see these two recently launched 100,000 yuan domestic family cars. Let the author take you to analyze these two vehicles together, hoping to help users who are also hesitant about these two cars.



First of all, we analyze the charging convenience of oil vehicles and trams, to know that the most intuitive place for fuel vehicles compared to new energy vehicles is the convenience of refueling, at least so far, the gas station on the highway is far more than the charging pile, so this is a big advantage, after all, who doesn't want a convenient trip? Until the trouble of charging piles is solved, oil trucks will definitely not be eliminated by trams. If it is said that under the premise of only discussing convenience, then Yida is stronger than Seagull.



However, the scenarios applicable to oil trucks and trams are also different, so specific problems should be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. From the point of view of short trips and daily travel, trams have great advantages over oil trucks, after all, the main thing is to save money! But if you run a long distance, you have to consider a problem, that is, battery life anxiety. Today's trams can't travel too far, and it's particularly annoying if they run out of electricity halfway, and oil trucks don't have any worries about this. After all, the oil truck has excellent endurance, if there is really no fuel, as said before, go to the gas station to refuel, there are still a lot of gas stations in China. Therefore, before completely solving the range anxiety of the tram, the tram wants to eliminate the oil car is tantamount to a dream.



If your daily travel is to go to and from work at two o'clock, and you are not interested in traveling, then BYD Seagull is a good choice for you; If your work requires frequent travel outside, then the author recommends that you choose Chang'an Yida, so that you can drive to travel after work and relax your mood.

In terms of safety, trams are also a weak point, in recent years trams caused accidents can be said to be common, but as major manufacturers pay more attention to the safety of new energy vehicles, new trams have also made great progress in safety, but compared to fuel vehicles with a long history is still slightly inferior, at least in people's subconscious, oil vehicles are still safer than trams, which can only be corrected through time. If you don't trust the safety of the tram, choose Changan Yida.



Then there is the problem of battery life, as mentioned earlier, the endurance of trams is much weaker than that of oil vehicles, especially for trams within 100,000, their endurance is really worrying, and fuel vehicles are not worried about this, but in the same way, because oil prices are more expensive than electricity, oil vehicles are economically worse than trams. Yida's WLTC working condition 100 kilometers of comprehensive fuel consumption of 5.99 liters, this data is almost close to the loss of electricity consumption of some gasoline-electric hybrid models; BYD Seagull has not announced the power consumption of 100 kilometers for the time being, but according to BYD Dolphin's 10.5kWh to speculate, there should be little difference. The most important thing is that BYD Seagull saves money than Changan Yida, as mentioned earlier, users still have to choose according to their own needs, the author can only say that these two cars are good, just look at what kind of car you need more.


Of course, not only there are problems with trams, but also oil vehicles have a lot of trouble, especially the exhaust emission problems of fuel vehicles, which is particularly serious for environmental pollution, which is one of the reasons why the national policy strongly supports new energy vehicles, because it is environmentally friendly! In addition, the rise in oil prices, restrictions and other troubles have also been plaguing traditional oil vehicles, if these problems cannot be solved, oil vehicles will be eliminated by trams sooner or later.


In general, according to the current automobile development market, new energy vehicles have become the general trend, but this does not mean that fuel vehicles have been completely eliminated. Although it seems that the advantages of trams are much greater than oil trucks, but to completely replace oil trucks, there is still a long way to go, after all, oil trucks are not in place, so users do not have to be entangled when buying vehicles So oil cars or trams, choosing their favorite car is the most important.

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