10 minutes on a charge and 800 kilometers of range! The range anxiety of electric vehicles is about to be cured?


Recently, in "Dialogue" "Made in China: What to Break Through the World?" In the program, Wu Kai, chief scientist of CATL, released the latest product launched in April - Kirin battery.



From the current information, although the Kirin battery is still in the form of liquid lithium-ion, but there has been certain innovation in the layout of the battery cell and the structure of the battery pack, it can still be called the ceiling of the current lithium-ion power battery.


Under the 4C charging rate, the Kirin battery can be charged to 80% in 10 minutes, achieving a range of 1000 kilometers. Models equipped with Kirin batteries will alleviate the problem of battery life anxiety to the greatest extent. The CATL Kirin battery was also named the best invention of 2022 by Time magazine (TIME).


Where is the Kirin battery? Simply put, it changes the structure of traditional lithium-ion batteries, integrating cross-beam beams, water-cooled plates and heat insulation pads into a multi-functional elastic sandwich. In the case of using ternary cells, the energy density of Kirin battery can reach 255Wh/kg, in contrast, Tesla's 4680 large cylindrical battery has a single energy density of 244 Wh/kg. Even with lithium iron phosphate cells, the energy density of Kirin batteries can reach 160Wh/kg, exceeding the current 140Wh/kg of BYD blade batteries.


In addition to increasing energy density, the innovative structure also significantly increases cooling efficiency. Traditional power batteries often set the water-cooled functional parts at the bottom, in contrast, Kirin batteries place them between the cells, which makes the heat exchange area quadruple and shorten the temperature control time of the cells to half of the original. Therefore, in the case of low temperature, Kirin battery can be quickly hot start in 5 minutes, and the charging time is greatly shortened, the current mainstream liquid lithium-ion battery on the market from 10%-80% to more than 30 minutes, and Kirin battery in 4C rate, 10 minutes can be charged from 10% to 80%.



Think about it, if the battery is dead, you only need to spend 10 minutes to complete a quick recharge, go to the bathroom, eat a little time to continue to go, and the problem of battery life anxiety is greatly alleviated.


What are the advantages of today's fuel vehicles over electric vehicles? There may only be charging efficiency, in terms of driving costs, driving experience, maintenance costs, driving quietness and other aspects of the comprehensive lag behind pure electric vehicles, and with the advent of Kirin batteries, electric vehicles have been complained about "range virtual", "slow charging", "difficult to replenish energy", I am afraid that it will soon become the past and history. The new models of Extreme Krypton 009 and Qianjie will be equipped with Kirin batteries first, if you are not in a hurry to use the car, you may wish to wait for models equipped with Kirin batteries.


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