Several departments jointly launched new measures to deepen vehicle inspection reform and optimize vehicle inspection services


Motor vehicle inspection is to ensure road traffic safety, to promote air pollution prevention and control of important work, directly related to the people's vital interests. In order to implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council's decision-making arrangements, to solve the public service areas of concern to the masses, "key small things", agreed by the State Council, recently, the Ministry of Public Security, the General Administration of Market Regulation, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Transport jointly issued "on deepening the reform of the motor vehicle inspection system to optimize the work of car inspection services" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"). Opinions"), the deployment of deepening the car inspection system reform.


Several departments jointly launched new measures to deepen vehicle inspection reform and optimize vehicle inspection services


In recent years, the relevant departments continue to promote the new car inspection within six years, cross-province inspection, electronic inspection mark, truck "three inspections in one" and other rounds of car inspection system reform, in order to protect the safety and environmental performance of the vehicle, while continuously improving the level of car inspection services. The four departments to deepen the deployment of car inspection reform adhere to the people as the center, closely around the steady growth of stable market subjects to ensure employment, to further simplify procedures, reduce costs, improve service, the introduction of optimal inspection market access, relaxation of private car inspection cycle, online appointment test, "turnkey" convenient to do a series of new measures to optimize car inspection Services, standardize the inspection behavior, promote the standardization of inspection services, standardization, more convenient for the masses of enterprises, better serve economic and social development.
Promote simplification and decentralization, and improve the overall inspection capacity
The reform will further optimize the qualification system of motor vehicle inspection agencies, the implementation of the qualification system to inform the commitment, compressed licensing and technical review of the time frame, the full implementation of online approval and electronic certificate, the qualification process online. Full integration of security and environmental testing agencies accreditation conditions, to achieve the inspection agency at the same time with safety and technical inspection and emissions testing capabilities, to provide one-stop convenience services for the public.
In promoting the accelerated construction of inspection agencies at the same time, a comprehensive assessment of the number of inspection agencies, distribution and testing capabilities, to explore pilot automotive 4S store to carry out inspections, repair, maintenance, car inspection integration services.
Innovative service initiatives, improve and optimize car inspection services
The reform around the promotion of car inspection service standardization, standardization, a series of new initiatives to optimize car inspection services, reduce the waiting time, optimize the experience of the masses.
Adjustments to optimize the inspection cycle, further optimize the adjustment of non-operating small and micro passenger cars (9 seats including 9 seats or less, except vans), motorcycle inspection cycle.
Non-operating small and micro passenger cars, the original 10 years on line inspection 3 times adjusted to test 2 times (the 6th year, the 10th year), and the original 15 years after every six months to test 1 time, adjusted to an annual inspection.
For motorcycles, the original 10 years on the line test 5 times adjusted to test 2 times (the 6th year, the 10th year), 10 years after the annual test.
After this adjustment, non-operating minibuses, motorcycles in 10 years, only in the 6th year, the 10th year to the inspection agency online inspection, during every two years to apply for an inspection mark; more than 10 years, the annual online inspection once.
Promote online appointment car inspection, and actively promote the Internet, cell phone APP and other "point-to-point" car inspection appointment service, the public can be in the traffic control "12123" APP online appointment car inspection location and time, convenient for the masses " With the inspection".
Comprehensively promote the annual examination of trucks across provinces, truck owners can be through the Internet road transport convenient service system, road transport administration a network of WeChat small program, in the country for the annual examination of road transport certificate.
Optimize the process of car inspection services, the implementation of car inspection "turnkey" convenient to do service, optimize the service process, by the inspection agency staff responsible for a one-time closure, to provide efficient and fast service.
Standardize window service standards, promote car inspection service halls, service windows, standardization of testing processes, standards to promote standardization, quality of service to improve the overall level of car inspection services.
Adhere to the combination of release and management, strengthen the supervision and management of inspection
The reform, around the improvement of the regulatory system mechanism to further strengthen the supervision and inspection of inspection agencies, to enhance the standardization and standardization of inspection.
Strengthen the supervision and management of accreditation, the use of on-site observation, case file review, etc., to strengthen the supervision of the inspection agency accreditation technical review activities, and establish a sound accountability mechanism.
Standardize the inspection agency fees, strengthen the supervision of inspection agency fees, the implementation of a fee, prohibit illegal fees and collusion, manipulation of market prices.
Improve the level of environmental inspection services, supervision of inspection agencies to accurately implement emission inspection standards and technical specifications to enhance the quality of testing.
Strict accountability for non-compliance inspection, strengthen joint departmental supervision and inspection, improve the "double random, a public" regulatory mechanism, according to the law to severely investigate and deal with the inspection on behalf of the inspection, only charges not to test the car, not to implement the national standard inspection and other illegal behavior. Inspection agencies and illegal intermediaries are strictly prohibited from colluding inside and outside to solicit customers, illegal inspection, the inspection agency personnel and illegal intermediaries colluding inside and outside the illegal inspection constitutes a crime, be held criminally responsible.
To ensure the implementation of reform measures, public security, market supervision, ecological environment, transportation and other four departments will work closely together to strengthen organizational deployment, the development of supporting implementation rules, strengthen the guidance of relevant local departments, and effectively implement the reform measures to promote the reform to benefit the people and enterprises to better promote the standard development of the industry, to help promote stable and healthy economic and social development.