Hubei Agricultural Bank awarded our company the title of "Credit Grade AAA Enterprise"


Jinxiang auto half-shaft

On January 25, there was good news from the Agricultural Bank of China's Hubei Branch that Zhongxiang Jinxiang Automobile Half-axle Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "AAA Enterprise with Credit Rating" by the Agricultural Bank of China. The company is encouraged by the news. This is another honor that the company has won since the implementation of the integrity management strategy, while the "Jinxiang" series of automobile half-shafts are highly praised.

At the beginning of the establishment of the company, the situation of the national automobile industry was generally not prosperous, the triangular debt arrears between enterprises were serious, and the social atmosphere was lack of integrity. In this context, the company's leaders have a broad vision and timely put forward the business idea of "honesty based, quality survival". With the gradual improvement of the product popularity, the "Jinxiang" half-shaft has an increasing share in the national supporting market. The products have successively entered the loading lines of Dongfeng, Beiqi Foton, Jiefang and other well-known domestic main engine plants, and have established a high reputation in the national automobile industry. Dai Zixiang, the general manager of the company, believes that to be an enterprise, we should learn to be a person first, and honesty and trustworthiness are the first priority. Jinxiang Half-axis Company is adhering to this concept in production and operation. First, in terms of product quality, we should strive for perfection, be meticulous, and offer first-class products to the society; Second, in terms of business operation, we should keep our promises, keep our word, and focus on integrity. The company has created a high speed of delivery within 72 hours within 500 kilometers and within 120 hours beyond 500 kilometers in the same industry, and has been rated as an excellent supplier by many supporting enterprises for years.

The correct policy guides the rapid and healthy development of Jinxiang Company, and the capital operation also highlights a good trend. By the end of 2004, the total assets of the company had increased by 12.5 times compared with the beginning of the factory, the asset-liability ratio was only 21.5%, and the production capacity had increased by 50 times compared with the beginning of the factory. The market share of "Jinxiang" half-shaft has increased to 13.6%, and it has become the preferred brand for many well-known domestic main engine manufacturers.