Advance development, focus on supporting Jinxiang company small shaft "turn" out of the big market


Jinxiang auto half-shaft

Advance development


(Reporter Chen Zhongde Correspondent Chen Yunhua) Since 1998, China's auto industry can be described as rainy, fierce market competition, prices continue to go down to the trough so that many enterprises "exhausted", no gas was greatly injured. From January to May, the output value and profit and tax increased by 12.3% and 12.8% year-on-year respectively.
Jinxiang company in the situation is extremely severe in July 2000 to achieve "public to private", how to rely on the "east wind" of the mechanism of reform, to create advantages in the disadvantage? While stabilizing the production and sales of existing products, the company promptly shifted its focus to "understanding the market and developing ahead of time", developing what the market needs and holding the market as the "bull's nose", so that Jinxiang can be in the fierce competition "Step by step, steady and stable". In August last year, salesman Liu Denghong found that the BJ130 half-shaft is more popular, timely feedback on this information, the company organized technical staff in 7 days to develop, this year became a large enterprise in Henan supporting products, the annual supporting volume has reached 20,000, creating an output value of 1.6 million yuan. At the beginning of this year, a salesman took back an EQ1030 half-shaft product, the rod processing is difficult. The more difficult it is to process, the higher the attached value will be. The company decisively invested nearly 30,000 yuan to develop and put it on the market in time, and it seems that everything is expected, and the EQ1030 half-shaft "coincides" with the market requirements for the development of pickup truck half-shaft, and it has become a sought-after product in the market.
Since July 2000, Jinxiang has developed 18 new products and put them on the market, forming a new competitive advantage for the product group. At present, "Jinxiang" brand series half-shafts have reached 12 series and 39 brands, and the new products have accounted for 53% of the market share.
Facing the fierce market competition, the profit of auto parts industry is getting lower and lower, the company reformed the marketing system and implemented "buy-out" sales to the retail market to solve the risk; at the same time, we put our efforts into the main supporting to achieve remarkable results. On the basis of consolidating the original supporting manufacturers, new supporting enterprises such as Daewoo forklift, Yuanan axle and Wuxiang Dongfeng chassis have been developed this year. At present, the company and Yuejin Group Yizheng axle, Ankai Group axle has reached an intentional agreement, will sign a formal contract in the near future, to achieve bulk supply; and Jianghuai axle, Jiangling Group axle is also under negotiation.
Since this year, the company has maintained the record of "zero inventory", the production and sales rate reached 100%, supporting manufacturers parking and other goods phenomenon sometimes. Capital operation also shows a good trend, "extracorporeal cycle" time is significantly shortened, working capital turnover than the previous year to speed up 1.7 times. Company manager Dai Zixiang said with emotion: an enterprise to develop, the most important thing is to have a keen eye, seize the opportunity quickly, when the market needs, desperately dry also to ensure that you can show your strength. This is the magic weapon that enables Jinyang to win.

Originally published in Jingmen Daily, June 9, 2001, first edition