Everyone is a master, everyone is an apprentice Jinxiang company to change the post "practice" to train "all-round champion"


Jinxiang auto half-shaft

Jinxiang auto half-shaft


In the machinery manufacturing industry, it seems impossible for a worker to master more than 17 processes at the same time. However, Hubei Zhongxiang City Jinxiang Auto Half-shaft Company first opened the river and is turning this idea into reality.
A few days ago, the company's implementation of the job rotation training "training" activities officially launched, aimed at training "all-round champion" to meet the needs of fierce market competition.
Jinxiang company is a backbone township enterprise in Zhongxiang City, 52 employees can create 10 million yuan of income a year, which is already very good in the machinery industry, but the company leaders are still not satisfied with the status quo. China is about to join the WTO, and the automobile industry will be the first to be hit. To further reduce costs, improve the labor productivity rate of all employees, enhance competitiveness, and meet the challenges of WTO accession, the job change "training" is proposed in this context.
After nearly a year's gestation, on June 4, the first batch of 10 employees left the machine tools they had been operating for 6 years and came to the new machine to learn again, from "master" to "apprentice". After the first round of 20-day training, the "apprentices" have to learn to become skilled operators of new positions and take on the heavy responsibility of "master" to teach the next batch of "apprentices" participating in the rotation training ". The original "master" also has to turn to the new position as "apprentice", to learn new technologies. "Everyone as a master, every one is an apprentice" is the true picture of this job change training. In this way, each employee should be proficient in at least 17 processes. The "training" is planned to be completed in one year.
"Today as a good master, so as to find a good master tomorrow". This is the deepest experience of "Jinxiang" employees in the job change "training". The company has developed a strict management system to "master" and "apprentice" bundled together to form a "community" of interests, the implementation of synchronized awards and compensation. The "master" must teach to the best of his ability, and the "apprentice" must master the production process and equipment operation technology within 20 days. More than this period, the two sides of the wage synchronization down 50% raw, output scrap, synchronous compensation; January still can not meet the requirements, will be eliminated from the layoff. This not only makes the workers master the operation technology in a short time, but also ensures the output and quality.
The company's logistic employment reform, the implementation of "one person multiple posts" system, efficiency greatly improved.
It is reported that the "change of post training, one person to master multiple processes" in the machinery industry has no precedent. Through the rotation training, the staff's business skills and work efficiency will be improved to a new level. At that time, the production line designed to produce 50,000 half-shafts per year will not add one piece of equipment or one worker, and the annual production capacity will exceed 150,000 pieces.

Originally published in China Automotive News, June 26, 2000, seventh edition