Jinxiang half-shaft production and sales rate of 100 percent


Jinxiang auto half-shaft

Jinxiang half-shaft production and sales rate of 100 percent


From January to April this year, Hubei Jinxiang Half-shaft Company produced 38,520 pieces of auto half-shafts, and the production and sales rate reached 100%, and Jinxiang brand half-shafts became the most sought-after goods in the market.
Company manager Dai Zixiang believes that taking the road of winning by quality, so that the standard slogan from the wall down, from "dead" to "live", so that employees from "to me to catch" into "I want to catch", is the fundamental of Jinxiang company all the way up.
The company focus on quality "to do real work". They not only combined with the actual enterprise, the development of a complete product quality management system, the post operation standards and requirements are detailed to the individual employee, hanging on the wall, and the organization of workers once a week to study the quality of documents, so that each post on their own operating standards are well versed in the operation of the handy.
The company has formulated a strict quality reward and punishment system, with the first-class product rate of 98% of the delineation of rewards and punishments, the award is not red, the penalty is not soft. For the quality of accidents, the company will investigate to the end, never let go, and the implementation of the "strapping system", the workshop director is also responsible for the management.
According to reports, Jinxiang company is currently declaring Hubei Province famous trademarks. Manager Dai Zixiang said: "to participate in the market competition with first-class products is the unremitting pursuit of Jinxiang."

Originally published in China Automotive News, May 15, 2000