Twelve years ago willing to be a "little brother" twelve years later shaking into a "big brother" Zhongxiang Jinxiang company sleep to practice internal strength


Jinxiang auto half-shaft

Twelve years ago, for the preparation of Zhongxiang City Jinxiang auto half-shaft company, production manager Liu Jiafu has led three times to a strong half-shaft factory "to learn from". During the twelve years, the people of Jinxiang worked hard and practiced their internal skills, relying on more than 50 "mud-legged" to revitalize a "foreign enterprise".
Today, twelve years later, the former "teacher" sent people to "students" for advice, to learn the best way to manage the factory.
In March, I went to Jinxiang to visit the twelve years of great changes, into the office, several plaques immediately attracted my attention: the first-class certificate issued by the Technology Center of Dongqi, the provincial Consumer Council issued the "consumer satisfaction products" certificate, the provincial government awarded the "contract, trustworthy enterprises and institutions certificate ". Company manager Dai Zixiang introduces: the entrepreneurial spirit and strict and orderly internal management make Jinxiang "rise to the top".
At the beginning of the factory, most of the employees were recruited from the nearby countryside, and they were all "mud-legged", and in the face of the mechanical "foreign enterprises", many of them beat a retreat. Jinxiang established the "starting from scratch, people-oriented" approach to running the plant, spending capital to cultivate soil experts, they spared no expense to send all the staff to the Dongqi "fast charging", seven times to invite Hu Guoan, professor of Huazhong University of Technology for staff "blood transfusion "They also invited two retired engineers from 9603 factory to specialize in technical reform, and developed 15 new products and 5 sets of self-made production equipment.
Jinxiang to implement the "management of enterprises, quality to win" strategy. I found three "strange things" here": First, the large factory is not a loafer, the door is closed, just like a "shutdown enterprise" model, the second is the staff to go to the toilet are a trot, "convenient" immediately after the return. After the "convenience" immediately back to the post; Third, the center of the hole bed operator Wang Jun refused to accept the flow of the upper process down the product not straightened, the two sides argued with a red face. Jinxiang implements "militarized" management, strict quality control, "trading system" between positions, the prize is not red, the penalty is not soft, the rate of genuine products has been maintained at more than 99%.
Since 1995, Jinxiang's indicators have been increasing at a rate of more than 40% annually. From January to February, production, revenue and profit tax increased by 4.9%, 5/3% and 3.8% respectively in the same period last year. Not long ago, Jinxiang has been absorbed as a member of China Automotive Industry and Trade Group, a member of Hubei Automotive Industry Association, and its products are sold well throughout the country.

Originally published in China Automotive News, March 20, 2000