Pursuit of zero defects in products and zero complaints from customers "Double Zero" targeting large markets


Jinxiang auto half-shaft

(Reporter Chen Zhongde correspondent Chen Yunhua) "General Dai, no matter what, we must guarantee 4,200 half-shafts within a week." "My factory production line waiting for rice, the factory manager 'drive' me out, I do not leave until I can mention the goods." "The money has been called, about 10 days to goods." March 24, the reporter to Zhongxiang Jinxiang company interview, only to see the business of the business of a manufacturer's salesman "supervision" supervision to the general manager's office.
General manager Dai Zixiang told reporters that this year, "Jinxiang" half-shaft sold really enough "fire", despite the production line 24 hours a day, still can not meet the demand. Jinyang company to determine the "double zero" goal (product zero defects, zero customer complaints) finally blossomed. According to the report, from January to mid-March, the company's output, revenue and profit tax increased by 37.6%, 35.7% and 42.1% year-on-year respectively.
The reporter saw in the manufacturing workshop, the workers were sweating like rain and busy. Wang Xingping, director of the workshop, said that now the production line is not shut down 24 hours a day, but still can not meet the needs, dry a month is more than the annual output in 1997. The company invested in the construction of a production line will soon be launched, the situation of short supply of products is expected to ease.
Jinxiang company started in 1994, when the automotive industry began to "slide", a production is facing "five tigers blocking the way" (brand is not loud, no door to development, capital shortage, poor sales, many rivals), production and operation is difficult. In the absence of financial support, no location advantages, information constraints, the company started from the quality of products, out of two steps: First, the implementation of internal "trading system". The implementation of sales settlement between positions, if the quality of finished semi-finished products are not qualified any party has the right to refuse to accept, mutual supervision, the initial formation of the mechanism of mutual constraints. Secondly, a quality accountability system was established, in which quality problems were traced to the person concerned, and wages and bonuses were deducted according to regulations, and serious cases were given dismissal. After that, the quality of products steadily increased, the market share reached 35.8%, so that the peers impressed.
At the beginning of last year, Jinxiang put pressure on itself, looking for "trouble", and put forward the quality goal of "pursuing zero defects in products and realizing zero complaints from customers", while proceeding with the ISO9001 international quality system demonstration, and establishing a sound and strict quality management network according to the standard. At the same time, we started to carry out ISO9001 international quality system certification, and established and improved a strict quality management network in accordance with the standard. 3 workshops and 27 processes have prepared corresponding operation and inspection procedures, and the certification covers all half-axle products of 12 major 48 varieties. The company has also issued "Rules for the Implementation of Penalties for Violation of Quality System" to standardize the operation methods of rewards and punishments, which are clearly defined. Since the second half of last year, the first-class rate of "Jinxiang" half-shafts has always been maintained at more than 99.2%, and the rate of genuine factory products has reached 100%. In the middle of March, Jinxiang formally passed the third-party audit and obtained the ISO9001 international quality system certification, so "Jinxiang" half-shafts have obtained the international market "pass". ".

Originally published in Jingmen Daily, April 2, 2002, first edition