Let Jinxiang become a dark horse - Dai Zixiang, General Manager of Jinxiang Automobile Half-axle Co., Ltd


Jinxiang auto half-shaft

Let Jinxiang become a dark horse


Jinxiang Automobile Half-axle Co., Ltd. is located in Shuanghe Town, Zhongxiang, Hubei Province. It started a few years ago with the support of the town government of 2 million yuan and a loan of 3 million yuan. Today, Jinyang Company covers an area of 30 mu, has more than 20 million yuan of fixed assets, and has become a black horse in China's automobile semi-axle industry. The supporting quantity of "Jinxiang" series semi-axle products is increasing year by year. All these changes can not be separated from the company's leader - Dai Zixiang.

On October 2, 1994, Dai Zixiang took up his post in Jinxiang Company. He once served as the deputy director of the Industrial Office in Shuanghe Town, Zhongxiang County, Hubei Province for more than ten years, and was suddenly appointed as the chairman and general manager of Jinxiang Company. People talked about it: Beware of the half-axis becoming "full sorrow"!

On the first day of working in the company, there was a mess of right and wrong in front of us: there were ruins and weeds inside and outside the factory, more than 10 workers were laying rubble in the workshop, the whole factory was deserted, there was no sign of life, and Daizixiang did not retreat. He and the workers laid the gravel together, and sincerely told everyone that if they worked together, they would not worry about making a success in the future.

To produce good products, we must have excellent technology. Most of the employees of Jinxiang Company are local farmers. In order to make "mud legs" adapt to modern mechanical production as soon as possible, Dai Zixiang sent more than 30 production workers to relevant professional factories of Dongfeng Company for training three times, making them become experts in mechanical operation soon, and then invited mechanical engineers at great expense. In order to solve the technical problems of heat treatment, Dai Zixiang braved the scorching sun in August and went to Wuhan, the furnace city, for advice five times. With technology and talents, Jinxiang has made great progress: it is the first to create a new technology for forging and pressing the blank of automobile half axle in China; Self-made molds save 300000 yuan annually; Self-developed production equipment, saving more than 400000 yuan; The surface quenching quality of the axle shaft was awarded the third prize of the Hubei Provincial QC Group; EQ5 large series half-shafts and installed half-shafts have been independently developed BR>The snowballing development of Jinxiang Company in recent years is not based on low price vicious competition, but on excellent quality. Daizixiang uses the simplest and most effective methods to let employees understand the importance of quality. There are 27 processes from the blanking to the finished product of the half-shaft. The company has formulated the corresponding Quality Management Manual according to the requirements of the ISO9001 international quality certification system. After work, Daizixiang and other leaders of the company organized the staff to learn the Manual and the process standards of each post, so that each staff member could memorize the Manual and the process standards of each post. In November 1994, the first batch of trial-produced Dacron "Jinxiang" half-shafts were sent to the technical center of Dongfeng Motor Corporation for testing. Their torque resistance and fatigue test indicators met or exceeded the national standards, and were rated as first-class products, and were allowed to be put into mass production. The person from Dongfeng Company said: "You are the first one that the key products of automobile parts invested by township enterprises pass the one-time inspection!"

Jin Xiang is up! Due to its excellent quality, the "Jinxiang" series half-shafts soon won the market. Hunan Axle Factory, Henan Xiangdong Car Factory, Shanxi Jinnan Machinery Factory, Zhengzhou Light Vehicle Factory, Gucheng Car Factory and other enterprises came in droves and established a supporting cooperative relationship with Jinxiang. The supporting quantity of "Jinxiang" series half-shaft products increased from 15000 in 1995 to 75000 in 1997, reached 90000 in 1998, and exceeded 100000 in 1999. The indicators of enterprises and institutions increased by 40% annually. This year's situation is more optimistic, with the monthly output of half axle more than 10000. President Dai told reporters that Jinxiang's next step is to enter the high-tech product field of auto parts.

Originally published in China Automotive News, May 8, 2000, seventh edition