Raising Protection Awareness and Maintaining Brand Image The counterfeit "Jinxiang" trademark of our company was officially registered by the State Trademark Office


Jinxiang Auto Half-shaft

On September 21, 2013, the State Trademark Office officially approved the registration of our counterfeit "Jinxiang" trademark, which marks another solid step in our trademark protection work and effectively safeguards the image and reputation of our famous brand products.
Since 2007, a large number of counterfeit "Jinxiang" brand auto half-shafts were found in the market in many places in China, and a large number of illegal elements imitated the trademark logo currently used by the company, which caused large losses to the company and seriously affected the brand reputation. In this regard, the company set up a special anti-counterfeiting task force, went to many places to investigate the market, and with the cooperation of local industry and commerce, quality supervision and other departments, seized five counterfeiting dens, and the counterfeiting trend was once effectively curbed. In order to strengthen brand protection, the company submitted an application for registration of the current product logo pattern to the State Trademark Office in 2010.
After several years of public announcement, on September 21, 2013, the State Trademark Office approved the registration of "Jinxiang" trademark by No. 10977232, with the approved use of goods in Class 12 and the scope of use as follows: axle; automobile chassis; axle casing; land vehicle drive shaft; drive chain for land vehicle; land vehicle drive gear The scope of use is: axle; chassis; axle casing; drive shaft for land vehicle; drive chain for land vehicle; drive gear for land vehicle. Registration is valid until September 20, 2023.


Jinxiang Auto Half-shaft