Our company once again won the title of "National high-tech Enterprise"



After nearly a year of declaration, review and evaluation, on December 8, 2023, Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Hubei Provincial Department of Finance and Hubei Provincial Tax Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation jointly approved, agreed to grant Zhongxiang Jinxiang Automobile Axle Co., Ltd. the title of "National high-tech Enterprise", certificate number: GR202342009358.


In recent years, the company attaches great importance to technology research and development. Established a new product development management system, R & D investment accounting management system, etc., in the capital, talent, technology, resource allocation and other aspects of new technology research and development to support. It has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the improvement of heat treatment process of spline shaft head, the research and development of efficient ultrasonic flaw detection technology, the research and development of surface heat treatment process, the research and development of CNC cutting technology, and the research and development of automatic forging process of semi-shaft blank, and has achieved certain results. Since 2020, the company has invested a total of 7.219,000 yuan in the field of high-tech research and development, and declared 15 national utility model technology patents. The research and development of new technologies has played a positive role in maintaining technological leadership and promoting market development.


Since the company won the title of "National High-tech Enterprise" in 2019, it has once again won this honor through its own efforts and precipitation.