The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council again said: encourage and support central enterprises to carry out high-quality investment, mergers and acquisitions, professional integration


Zhang Yahui


On March 16, Gou Ping, deputy director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, said at the China Electric Vehicle 100 Forum (2024) that in general, the pace of central enterprises to develop new energy vehicles is not fast enough, the effect is not obvious enough, and there is an urgent need to accelerate in terms of product competitiveness, market share, forward-looking, leading, and technological innovation.


He introduced that the three central automobile enterprises completed the direct investment of nearly 36 billion yuan in new energy vehicles in 2023, the proportion of investment exceeded 60%, developed the HME platform, CHN platform, quantum architecture and other electric vehicle platform framework, released 18 independent new energy vehicle models in 2023, and built a different positioning and distinctive brand matrix in market expansion. It has created a number of independent new energy vehicle brands such as Red Flag New Energy, Lantu, Mengshi, Avita and Deep Blue. In the first two months of this year, central enterprises achieved sales of 221,000 new energy vehicles, an increase of 114.5% year-on-year, and the market share of new energy vehicles increased by 5.4 percentage points from the end of 2023.


Gou Ping revealed that state-owned enterprises will give play to the advantages of the central enterprise system, effectively integrate industrial resources, better play the role of scientific and technological innovation, industrial control, safety support, focus on three articles to help China from an automobile power to an automobile power.


First, do a good job in science and technology articles. Adhere to the rich in science and technology, and further strengthen the key core technology research and forward-looking layout.


On the one hand, strengthen independent innovation, improve the supply capacity of key core technologies, take the central enterprise innovation consortium as the starting point, promote the construction of automotive generic technology innovation platform, cooperate with industry, university and research, accelerate the breakthrough of new energy powertrain, intelligent network system, advanced chassis, automotive chip and other key core technologies, and enhance the resilience and competitiveness of the industrial chain supply chain. To create the source of original technology as the starting point, increase the next generation of power battery system, intelligent driving system and other research and development efforts and investment intensity, seize the future competition dominance.


On the other hand, we will strengthen openness and integration, enhance the linkage effect of both international and domestic markets and resources, deepen practical cooperation, improve academic exchanges, personnel exchanges, sharing of results and sharing of benefits, firmly integrate into the global innovation network, deepen the integration and development of the industrial chain of central enterprises, and cooperate with large, small and medium-sized enterprises upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. In particular, specialized and special new enterprises cooperate sincerely to jointly create a new energy vehicle platform and ecology that is open and shared, integrated and mutually beneficial.


Second, do a good job of catching up with the article. Face up to the gaps and shortcomings of central enterprises in the development of new energy vehicles, increase resource investment, accelerate the pace of transformation, implement the action plan of doubling investment in strategic emerging industries, comprehensively use equity investment, fund investment and other ways, encourage and support central enterprises to carry out high-quality investment, mergers and acquisitions, professional integration, and accelerate the grasp of industrial core resources and key technologies. We will strengthen the construction of high-level talent teams, and vigorously train the precise introduction of high-end talents and high-level innovation teams. Increase the research and development of new energy vehicles, strengthen the lack of key links in the industrial chain, layout standard upgrading, quality upgrading, brand efficiency, to the high-end of the industrial chain and value chain, and create an independent new energy vehicle brand with international influence.


Third, do a good job of reform articles. We will further implement the actions to deepen the reform and upgrade of state-owned enterprises, and we will boldly explore all policies and measures that are conducive to the promotion of new energy vehicles in central enterprises, and encourage enterprises to engage in innovation without hesitation and promote transformation. Focus on enhancing the efficiency and vitality of enterprises, accurately delegate power, promote enterprises to improve corporate governance institutions, optimize management and control models, and improve governance efficiency and effectiveness. Focus on worries such as dare not invest and unwilling to invest, take new energy vehicles as an important part of the central enterprises to enhance the core functions, assess the new energy vehicle business of the three vehicle central enterprises separately, and fully consider the operational losses of new energy vehicles during the strategic investment period. Focus on problems such as insufficient incentives and insufficient vitality, strengthen market-oriented reform and positive incentives, support enterprises to make good use of market-oriented methods such as professional managers and managers' term system and contract, clarify responsibilities and rights, support enterprises to share risks and benefits with core employees, carry out employee stock ownership in an orderly manner, and highlight the binding of long-term interests.


China Automotive News, March 16, 2024