Zhong Xiang Jinyang's three tricks cracked the difficulty of employment


Chen Hongyu


When the shortage of workers became a serious obstacle to the economic development of the county, Zhongxiang Jinyang Automobile Half Shaft Co., Ltd. did not worry about recruiting workers.


This township-based enterprise has "three tricks" to retain people. To implement the policy, the state has all the regulations in place. The enterprise has raised the wages of employees in accordance with the policy, and the per capita salary has reached 15,000 yuan per year. Other benefits shall not be less than 500 yuan per person per year. Insurance for all employees.


Improve the quality of migrant workers at any cost. In order to enable migrant workers to adapt to modern machinery production as soon as possible, the company has sent more than 30 workers to Dongfeng for training.


People-oriented, improve the living environment of employees. Last year, the company took out a one-time cash of 350,000 yuan to build canteens, bathhouses and basketball courts for employees. Today's "Jinyang" employees, three meals a day are cheap and delicious, hot showers after work, basketball, badminton, chess, poker play happily during


leisure, the whole company is warm and harmonious.


Originally published in Hubei Daily, September 29, 2007