Solid and capable, take care of the overall situation, and make contributions in obscurity

Author: kingxa

Li Wei, Zhongxiang Jinxiang Automobile Half Shaft Co., Ltd. is an ordinary turner in the machining section of the workshop. He works conscientiously and responsibly, conscientiously and is a good employee in the eyes of leaders; He is helpful, cares about others and is a good colleague in the eyes of employees; His father is loved, optimistic and open-minded, and a good father in the eyes of his son. In 2017, Li Wei was selected as "Excellent Employee" by the company, and in March 2018, he was recommended as a candidate for "the most beautiful front-line worker" for industrial workers in Zhongxiang City.


First, love to learn, willing to study, is the "fast gunman" in the eyes of colleagues


Li Wei came to Zhongxiang Jinxiang Automobile Half Shaft Co., Ltd. in 2005 and worked as an ordinary turner in the machining section of the manufacturing workshop, which was 13 years. From the first day of his career, he threw himself into his studies and work with enthusiasm. On the one hand, he borrowed machine operation and maintenance instructions from the warehouse and carefully studied the relevant content; On the other hand, he bought professional books such as "Turner Operation Must Read" and "CNC Basics" from the bookstore, combined with the problems of his work, and at the same time, he humbly consulted with workers with rich workshop technology and experience, and constantly improved his practical operation skills. Not only that, Li Wei is not satisfied with the operation knowledge of this post, and takes the initiative to ask the workshop director to learn the operation knowledge of other positions, so that one person is multi-capable, and can be competent for the operation of multiple processes and multiple equipment when the company's production tasks are tense. In 2017, Li Wei was selected as the "best operator" by the company for his excellent operation skills, and his salary was about 1,300 yuan higher than that of other workers in the off-season, and more than 3,000 yuan higher in the peak season. This achievement is inseparable from his usual focus on studying and constantly improving his operational skills.


Second, dedication and courage are the "10,000 pounds of oil" in the eyes of colleagues


Although he is just an ordinary workshop employee, Li obeys the dispatch and obeys the arrangement, and can devote himself to work with 100% enthusiasm at any time. Satisfying leaders and sharing worries for the company is a mantra he often hangs on his lips.


Since 2010, Li Wei has found in his work that a small number of employees with a weak sense of responsibility leave without authorization when the salary is slightly lower, which often affects the normal circulation of the production line. He was originally working on flanges, and volunteered to apply to the workshop director to add rod and spline work. The workshop cadre said: Add one more process, can you do well? Besides, can your body eat well? Li Wei said: Can't affect the circulation of the production line because of the lack of people, I'll try it! From this time on, as long as there was a shortage of people in other positions, he insisted on going to the top. The quality inspector thought that he operated multiple positions by himself, and the product quality must not be guaranteed, and at the beginning he checked behind his butt, but did not find unqualified products. In the past 8 years, Li Wei has persisted as a day, not only has the operation of this post not been affected, but also has repeatedly taken the post in the line of fire, becoming a veritable multi-faceted operation expert.


On January 8, 2018, it was the peak production season, the workshop was busy, and Li Wei fell ill with a severe cold. His wife asked him to take two days off before going to work, he shook his head, hung up the needle and dragged his tired body to the workshop, this insistence was a week, because he was ill, the workshop production that month not only did not suffer, but also exceeded the half-shaft production by 1540.


In Li Wei's mind, it is always the interests of the company. Be on call whenever production tasks require it. On October 15, 2017, Hunan Zoomlion Heavy Duty Axle Company urgently needed 600 pieces of A3C half-shaft and requested to deliver them within two days. The rod processing task of this product is heavy, and the processing rod part is the whole production line jamming process. Li Wei received the notice from the workshop director, rushed to the company at 2:30 a.m., and produced 200 A3C half shafts 5 hours in advance to ensure that other processes were done when he went to work normally at 7:30.

Third, talk about economy, good at tapping potential, is a "good housekeeper" in the eyes of the company  


Li Wei knows that it is not easy to run a business, and running and dripping will cause huge waste. In his work, he actively responds to the company's call for energy conservation and consumption reduction, and pays attention to saving everywhere to increase benefits for the company.


The consumption of CNC blades in his process is very large, and this kind of blade is coated and expensive. Some workers lost their collars after the knife edge was slightly damaged, which Li Wei thought was wasteful. He quietly found the warehouse keeper, took out the old blades discarded by his co-workers, and used them after a little repair. In 2017, he ranked second in consumption in the same position, but his shift output was more than 1.5 times that of others, and the quality of the processed products was also the best, and he was not punished for over-specification once in the year.


Fourth, pay attention to the overall situation, emphasize unity, is a "good master" in the eyes of employees


Li Wei has worked in the company for many years and has become a veritable teacher. He always thinks about the big picture of the company in his work, and never picks and chooses the fat and thin in his work. Never complain about which products have high wages to process and which products have low wages. By 2018, there were as many as 23 apprentices brought out by him, and everyone unanimously praised Li as a skillful, humble, modest and cautious, united comrade, helpful, and a "good master" in everyone's eyes.


Last year, a new employee named Zhao Yi came to the company, not Li Wei's apprentice. He could not master the essentials of sharpening turning tools and clamping operations, and the production speed was always not available, and because the tools were not sharpened in place, there were often scrap defective products. Zhao Yi was frustrated and wanted to resign and quit. After Li Wei heard this, he put down his work and taught him hand-in-hand, and in two days, Zhao Yi mastered all the operational essentials, and the production speed and quality were suddenly raised.


Although Li Wei is an ordinary employee, he has dedicated himself to ordinary positions, and he also has many shining points in his body, which are worth learning.