Technological innovation leader

Author: kingxa

Short head, a baby face, and a slightly shy way of speaking. Although he is just an ordinary repair worker, the work is dirty and tired, day and night, but he has been loving and loyal to his post for 20 years, practicing the oath he made when he joined the party, dedicating himself silently to ordinary work, and making extraordinary achievements. In March 2018, he stood out from tens of thousands of employees in Zhongxiang City and was recommended as the "most beautiful front-line worker" in Zhongxiang City. He is Ding Hei, a technician in the machine repair workshop of Zhongxiang Jinxiang Automobile Half Shaft Co., Ltd.


In 1994, after graduating from junior high school, Ding came to work in Zhongxiang Jinxiang Automobile Half Shaft Co., Ltd. He only has a beginner level of Chinese, and he has a very hard time working. After entering the factory, he set up a volunteer, consulted more, humbly learned, and made up for the lack of cultural classes with a hundred times of effort.


Unwilling to spend your life ordinarily, you can still do extraordinary things in ordinary positions. It should continue to be charged, so that it can live up to the company's cultivation and be a useful person to society.


From the very beginning, Ding Hei knew the importance of learning. He often spends his evenings teaching himself "Mechanical Drawing", machine tool maintenance and repair common sense, familiar with the maintenance instructions of various equipment, and accumulating the most basic knowledge for himself. Because he was diligent and studious, not ashamed to ask questions, and humbly asked for advice, Tu Houhui, an old technician of the company and a retired engineer of the former state-owned 9603 factory, took a fancy to this young man who did not speak much and was sincere, took the initiative to accept him as an apprentice, and passed on what he had learned all his life to him. Under his dedicated efforts and the careful help of his master, Ding inherited the original accumulation since joining the company, mastered the basic knowledge of mechanical drawing, machine tool repair and maintenance at the level of a junior high school student, and became a "soil expert" in this area through continuous experience. Nowadays, which equipment of the company has any failure, he can judge it by listening to the sound on the spot; More than 400 types of molds, he can develop the whole process; Some equipment parts are damaged because it is too long to buy, and he can immediately measure the drawing and make it himself on the machine.


Ding Hei is not satisfied with the achievements he has achieved, he deeply understands the principle of endless learning and keeping pace with the times. In today's rapid development of science and technology, he did not stop moving, but used his spare time to learn the basics of computer operation, CAD drawing software, etc., so that his work is moving towards intelligence and digitalization.


"The enterprise is my home, I rely on the enterprise to survive, and the enterprise depends on me to develop", Ding Hei thought and did so. As a veteran, he loves what he does. In his view, the company provides itself with a working platform and a stable income, and he is a member of the enterprise and the owner of the company. With the attitude of master, anxious about the company's urgent needs, think about the company's thoughts, take the initiative in the post, work creatively, and provide suggestions for the company's development.


In May 2017, Ding Hei found during the inspection of the workshop that the position of CNC lathes and ordinary lathes was unreasonable, and the operation work required a lot more to control two machine tools at the same time, which was not only labor-intensive, wasted time, but also could not effectively improve work efficiency. He proposed to adjust the position of CNC lathes and ordinary lathes, and the production process sequence remained unchanged, which could effectively improve labor efficiency. After this suggestion was adopted, the ergonomics of CNC positions were improved by 10%, and 40 more automotive half-shafts were produced per shift, which could increase production by about 12,000 units and increase sales revenue by more than 2 million yuan. Moreover, while the labor intensity of workers has been greatly reduced, wages have increased by 10% compared with the original.


In his work, Ding Heiji is a person who does not like to follow the old ways, he is proactive, willing to use his brains when things happen, likes to make some small reforms, and is never discouraged even if he has experienced many failures, and has won the praise of his colleagues. Under his auspices, the repair workshop has also made extraordinary achievements in small reforms. Under his leadership, the "Ding Inheritance Innovation Studio" was established. In recent years, he and his colleagues have implemented 32 minor reforms, adding more than 2.2 million yuan to the company's direct economic benefits.


The iron used in the company's die forging workshop is expensive, more than 40 yuan per kilogram, and the annual cost of the pad alone is nearly 200,000 yuan. Due to the high working temperature and harsh use environment, a new set of pads was seriously cracked and deformed in less than 2 months, and could only be scrapped. Ding Hei saw it in his eyes, was anxious in his heart, and pondered many times to improve it. In February 2017, he and other workers in the repair shop used product residue welding to make their own cushion iron, and after more than 10 tests, they were successful. The self-made pad successfully replaced the special cushion iron, saving nearly 200,000 yuan for the company every year.


Ding has not only made many achievements in technological innovation, but also actively responded to the company's "saving energy, reducing costs and increasing efficiency" activities. He and the team in the repair workshop have made a lot of attempts to save energy and reduce consumption, and achieved significant economic benefits.


In April 2016, when Ding Hei was repairing the trolley furnace in the die forging workshop, he presided over the transformation of the furnace door of the trolley furnace, increased the lifting space of the furnace door, increased the number of furnace products by 15%, and produced one more furnace product in 24 hours, which solved the problem of insufficient tempering capacity that had plagued the die forging workshop for many years. This improvement reduces the unit cost of the tempering process by 0.08 yuan, which can save 34,400 yuan in electricity costs per year.


In the procurement of maintenance parts, Ding Ji proposed to the company, and implemented online procurement and factory direct purchase to reduce procurement costs and achieve high economic benefits. Since the implementation of this proposal in 2016, while ensuring the quality of procurement products, it has reduced procurement costs by about 150,000 yuan per year. Not only that, for the accessories that are difficult to buy due to too long time, he tries his own drawing and processing as much as possible, and has repeatedly solved the urgent needs of production. In April 2017, the milling machine feed screw in the workshop was seriously worn, and the purchase cost 65,000 yuan at that time, which was not easy to buy, and Ding inherited the organization personnel to turn the screw to repair and process the silk mother, which successfully solved this problem.


Ding inherits love and dedication, and in his eyes, work is greater than everything. On March 20, 2015, Ding inherited a fracture in his left arm, and the doctor ordered him to rest for 100 days. He saw it in his eyes, anxious in his heart, only took a 25-day break to go to work in the company, clamped the mold with the help of his colleagues, endured the pain and operated it with one hand, and still has the problem of arm pain. On May 10, 2016, Ding inherited his lover and was hospitalized due to illness, and after he sent his lover to Jingmen First Hospital, he arranged for his mother to take care of him and rushed back to work by himself. Her lover was hospitalized for 13 days and only took leave to pick her up when she was discharged. For this reason, his lover complained many times that he only had a job in his heart and no family! On March 28, 2018, the company developed a steering knuckle for Zoomlion, because the blank flashing, the product could not pass the customs. Ding Hei led the masters to work overtime from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. the next day, and finally solved the flashing problem and ensured that the samples were delivered on schedule.


Ding inherited his love for his family only buried in his heart, but showed great love for the society and difficult employees. He has donated money and materials many times. The Wenchuan earthquake and the Yushu earthquake, he deducted money and materials many times. On March 20, 2018, Xia Wei, an employee of the manufacturing workshop, suffered from cancer, and Ding inherited a donation of 500 yuan.


There are 8 employees in the repair shop, and he and his colleagues cooperate with each other in their work, unite and make progress together. At the 2018 company's annual meeting to select the outstanding employee of the year, everyone unanimously recommended Ding to inherit, but he looked at fame and fortune very lightly, and took the initiative to give the opportunity for recognition to another ordinary repairman.


It is precisely because Ding Hei is willing to study, diligent and willing to work, dares to innovate, makes outstanding contributions, and actively demands progress, and has applied to the party organization many times. Since he joined the company, he has been selected as an advanced worker by the company four times and the company's "pacesetter in technological innovation" three times. In July 2008, he joined the Communist Party of China with honor, was selected as an "Excellent Communist Party Member" by the Shuanghe Town Committee of the Communist Party of China in July 2011, and was recommended as a representative of the Jingmen City Party Congress in 2016 to attend the 8th Party Congress of Jingmen City.


This is Ding Hei, a technological innovation leader who does not seek fame and fortune, silently dedicates himself, and makes extraordinary contributions in ordinary positions.