Consolidate the three fulcrums and realize the three major transformations- Strengthen party building and promote the sustainable development of enterprises

Author: kingxa

Our Zhongxiang Jinxiang Automobile Half Shaft Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, officially put into production in 1995, and established the enterprise party branch in 1996. The company covers an area of 30 acres, with total assets of 58 million yuan, 130 employees, including 19 party members, and an annual production capacity of 800,000 semi-axles of series automobiles. Through the IATF16949:2016 quality management system, the "Jinxiang" brand automobile half-shaft produced by the company has been named "Hubei famous brand product", "Hubei famous trademark" and "Jingmen quality growth brand", mainly supporting Dongfeng, FAW, Beiqi Foton, Zoomlion, Jianghuai, Jinlong Automobile, Nanjun and other main engines. The company is an enterprise above designated size in Zhongxiang City, a leading enterprise in the automotive halfshaft industry in Hubei Province, and one of the four major suppliers of domestic commercial vehicle halfshafts, and has a strong influence in the automotive industry. Jinxiang Half Axis can achieve today's results because we hold high the banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, pay attention to the organic combination of party building and enterprise production and operation, change the advanced nature of the party into the advanced nature of the enterprise management mechanism, inject vitality and vitality into the enterprise, and realize the sustained, rapid and healthy development of the enterprise. In the work of party building, we mainly have the following practices and experiences.


First, realize the close connection between the implementation of the party's line and the ideas and concepts of enterprise development, and change the advanced nature of the party into the advanced nature of enterprise development.


First of all, it is necessary to build a strong contingent and establish an organizational system to ensure the correct implementation of the party's principles and policies. In 1995, the company only had one party member, there was no party organization, the number of party members was small, and it was often felt that the enterprise was facing many problems in the development of development, such as development dependence, unstable direction, and inaccurate decision-making. In 1996, with the support of the township committee, a party branch was established, and party members had their own homes. For more than 20 years, the company has trained a total of 28 party members, and currently has 19 party members, and most of them are in the front line of management and technology, and a united and efficient team has been built, which has become the core driving force for the rapid and healthy development of the company. In the development of new party members, the company adheres to the principle of "three pushes must be certain" and highlights the "two emphasis", that is, the masses, teams, and workshops are recommended at all levels, and the branch approves, focusing on the grassroots and front-line workers. In recent years, 12 new party members have been recruited from ordinary workers, which has added fresh blood to the organization in a timely manner. In May 2016, the branch decided to include it in the key training of activists, and was promoted to the deputy director of the workshop, and in July 2018, the comrade joined the Communist Party of China with honor.


Second, leapfrog the goal of advancing and strengthening and establish an organic and unified performance system for party building and enterprise development. Every year, the party branch of the company will determine the company's annual development goals and strategies with the decision-making level, formulate the goals and plans of party building work, and focus on grasping how the work of party organizations can be "integrated into operation and service development". The work of party building should be truly integrated with production and operation, and the same arrangement, arrangement, assessment, and settlement of accounts should be achieved. From the establishment of the factory to 2010, the company's main economic indicators such as production, sales, profit and tax payment maintained an increase of more than 40% year after year, and the production capacity increased by 25 times. Since the outbreak of the financial crisis, the national real economy has been seriously impacted, taking 2018 as an example, many small and medium-sized enterprises closed their doors and went bankrupt, but Jinxiang Company firmly grasped the two core advantages of "high quality and fast delivery", and maintained steady growth in operation. Major economic indicators such as production and sales profits increased by 1.98%, 15.57% and 14.52% year-on-year, respectively. The product has changed from obscurity to influence the whole country, and the branch has also been selected as an advanced party organization by the town committee for many years.


Third, scientifically develop strong concepts, and establish advanced enterprise management concepts and cultural systems. In the practical work, the party branch of the company pays attention to the close combination of party building and corporate culture construction, guides the enterprise to establish the development concept of "integrity for a long time, the pursuit of infinity", and unites people with excellent culture, inspires people with innovative ideas, and inspires people with scientific mechanisms. Jinxiang Half Shaft can achieve today's performance, not only relying on excellent product quality, but more importantly, interpreting the business philosophy and culture of these eight characters to the extreme in production and operation, and has won wide recognition and respect from the domestic automotive industry. This is just like the branch secretary Comrade Dai Zixiang often said: to be an enterprise, we must first learn to be a person, integrity is the most important, with integrity, there is capital to pursue more!
Second, pay attention to the close connection between party building work and enterprise growth and development, and change the creativity, cohesion and combat effectiveness of party organizations into the core competitiveness of enterprises


1. Take the sustainable development of the enterprise as the goal, and vigorously implement the talent project. The first is to establish an activity position. The company has set up a party member activity room, equipped with electronic teaching facilities, organized and carried out the "three sessions and one lesson" activities on schedule, insisted on carrying out the theme party day activities of the branch on a monthly basis, grasped the training, education and management of party members and cadres, organized party members and cadres to conscientiously study the spirit of the 19th Party Congress and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the party's economic work conference, and firmly established the idea of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era; The second is to innovate the training mechanism and reserve talents for the development of enterprises. The branch adopts the method of "inviting in and going out", and has established long-term contacts with Dongfeng Motor Company, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Jingchu Institute of Technology, etc., to carry out backbone technical personnel training. Since 2016, it has held 17 training meetings and trained 225 key technical management personnel for the company. The third is to pay attention to the selection of talents and enhance the vitality of enterprise development. The branch selects 10 management talents for the company in accordance with the requirements of "three training and one push". That is, to train the backbone of production technology into party members, train party members into backbone production technology, train the technical backbone of party members into management personnel, and recommend outstanding management personnel to the decision-making level. Made workshop employee Dai Wei, with certain management ability, can manage people, strong affinity among employees, branch training to develop it into party members, and later entrusted to the workshop deputy director of the burden, in 2016, the company officially appointed him as the deputy general manager, in charge of production and technical work.


2. Carry out pairing activities and vigorously implement care projects. Combined with the actual situation of the company, the branch has widely carried out the "four pairing" activities of heart-to-heart ideological pairing, shoulder-to-shoulder economic pairing, hand-in-hand life pairing, and face-to-face work pairing in the enterprise, through the form of one gang, multiple help and collective help, and long-term, meticulous and targeted assistance to employees in difficulty in thinking, work and life. In June 2018, the mother of Xia Wei, an employee of the workshop, was suffering from cancer, and the party branch of the company called on all employees to donate 14,000 yuan to support Xia Wei to tide over the economic difficulties; Huang Shoujun, an employee of the workshop, only a blind mother at home, no one took care of the farm work in the field, every busy agricultural season the branch arranged special personnel to help grab seeds and harvests, Huang Shoujun was particularly grateful, working day and night in the enterprise, often overproduction, good quality, since 2016, has been selected as an advanced worker for many years.


3. Implement mechanisms for rights protection, and vigorously implement projects of concentration. The branch gives full play to the role of trade unions and other mass organizations, pays attention to collecting employees' opinions and suggestions, safeguarding the rights and interests of employees, and enhancing enterprise cohesion and centripetal force. The company has opened an "interactive community" on the website and set up a suggestion box in the factory area to collect suggestions and opinions from employees. When we collected employee suggestions, we found that employees reported that it was difficult to take a shower after work, and the company immediately invested 50,000 yuan to build an employee bathhouse; In 2018, the company combined the opinions of some employees and implemented free meals for all employees, which alone requires an additional investment of about 650,000 yuan per year.


4. Practice social responsibility and vigorously implement the Guangcai Project. Enterprises that pay national taxes on time, develop the local economy, drive surrounding employment, and care for and support vulnerable groups are responsible enterprises. The party branch of the company pays attention to introducing this concept into the decision-making level and guiding the healthy growth of the enterprise. The disabled He Chunyu and Wei Zhengquan have extremely difficult lives, and the company helped them apply for social endowment insurance in 2004, paying tens of thousands of yuan in premiums for them every year; In the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake and the 2010 Yushu earthquake, the company's party members and cadres took the lead, all employees donated a total of more than 80,000 yuan, and each branch party member paid a special party fee of 100 yuan; In 2010, the company donated 300,000 yuan for the reconstruction of Zeng Shuang Highway, and the secretary of the branch, Comrade Dai Zixiang, also proposed to hold a friendship party, calling on successful people from Shuanghe to raise 2.85 million yuan for Zeng Shuang Highway. Since 2012, the company has invested more than 1 million yuan in the municipal construction of Zhongxiang City, the street transformation of Shuanghe Town, and poverty alleviation in Lvlin Village of Long Beach Town, etc., which has been unanimously praised by all walks of life and fulfilled the social obligations of a responsible enterprise.


Third, pay attention to the role of party members, play a close connection with the production and operation of enterprises, and change the vitality of party members into the driving force for enterprise development.


1. Advocate to make contributions based on posts and play a leading role. In recent years, the party branch of the company has widely carried out the "two leaders" activity with "party member demonstration post" as the main carrier among all party members and cadres, requiring party member cadres to be leaders of work and employees based on their posts. A total of 8 "Party member demonstration posts" have been set up throughout the company, requiring all Party members to achieve "three brightness, three haves and three nothings": that is, Communist Party members should "show their identity (I am a Communist Party member), highlight their responsibilities (do my best, be loyal to my duties), and highlight their commitments (there are Party members in the face of difficulties, and there are no difficulties in front of Party members)"; "There are party members in important posts, party members in times of emergency, and party members in honest service"; "There are no accidents around party members, no violations around party members, and no defective products around party members." Through this activity, "the identity of party members is displayed, the skills of party members are revealed, the role of party members is visible, and the image of party members is established", and a good situation of "a branch is a fortress, and a party member is a banner" has been formed, and the role of party members has been brought into full play. Wang Yi, an electrician in the repair workshop and a member of the Communist Party, was not afraid of dirt and tiredness, paid attention to groping and accumulating experience in equipment maintenance, and selflessly passed on to the young master, and under his leadership, three comrades in the repair workshop successively joined the party organization. Wang Xingtang, a member of the Communist Party and inspector of the quality department, is the "party member demonstration post" of the quality department, he has been in the past ten years, unknown, diligent in dedication, meticulous in quality inspection, and has never found unqualified products through his hands, and has been selected as the company's advanced worker for two consecutive years since 2016.


2. Advocate innovation and excellence, and play an exemplary role. The party branch of the company encourages party members to be models of striving for excellence in their work, play an exemplary role, and at the same time effectively integrate the activities of the branch into the production and operation of the enterprise, and receive good results. According to the actual production of enterprises, the branch persistently organized the "five ones" activities, that is, "put forward a rationalization proposal, carry out a small reform, hold a skill competition, expose energy consumption once, and be a quality supervisor." It not only promotes the improvement of production output and product quality, but also educates employees to form a trend of energy saving. Deputy Minister of Production Technology Department, Repair Workshop Director Ding Inheritance, although only initial Chinese, but love to learn, willing to study, with the help of the company's labor union to establish "Ding Inheritance Studio", under his leadership, the repair workshop overcame many difficulties, realized large and small repairs do not leave the factory, and implemented as many as 28 small reforms and small reforms, creating nearly one million yuan of economic benefits for the company every year. In 2016, Comrade Ding was honorably elected as the "representative of the seventh party congress of Jingmen City", and in May 2018, he was rated as the "most beautiful front-line worker" by the municipal government and the municipal federation of trade unions.


3. Advocate the importance of dedication in emergencies, difficulties and dangers, and give play to the role of a beacon. When enterprises have difficulties, Party members and cadres should take the lead in standing up and solving problems for the development of enterprises. In January 2018, the company's first workshop was crushed by heavy snow, and Zhang Song, deputy director of the workshop, led employees to rescue the production equipment, and personally led people to climb the roof of the second workshop, braving the biting cold wind and the risk of slipping to remove up to 1 meter of snow on the roof to prevent the disaster from expanding further. In December 2018, the market was in a comprehensive emergency, and Fu Xiumin, the director and deputy director of the workshop, volunteered to stand on the platform and personally operate it while arranging the workshop production, and under their drive, he created the highest monthly output of 95,000 semi-axles.


In the past, although our Jinxiang half-axis party branch has done some work in recent years and achieved certain achievements, it is still far from the requirements of higher-level party organizations and compared with fraternal units. In the future, we will continue to work hard and continue to explore to provide a strong organizational guarantee for the sustained, rapid and healthy development of Jinxiang Half Axis.